UPDATE: Is the City of Pittsburgh Still Blocking This Lesbian Blog?

First of all – thank you. We reached over 500 signatures in 36 hours on our Change.org petition. As for an update, we have achieved some pretty good outcomes but not “success” just yet. Via the petition, OpenDNS did change the labels on this blog, removing “porn” and “nudity” as well as approving “blog” – […]

A Positive Step in the Right Direction

A Positive Step in the Right Direction

Some good news to share – as of about 2:30 PM, OpenDNS changed the labels for my site. They “rejected” pornography and nudity and “approved” blog. Last night, I was able to reach the CEO of the company thanks to a petition supporter and he was responsive. I’m grateful for that and appreciate that a […]

See, here’s what the mayor’s office should say

See, here’s what the mayor’s office should say

See, here’s what the mayor’s office should say: “You know what? We don’t like Sue Kerr because she’s mean to us, and we don’t like her website and we don’t think it’s useful, and we don’t want our employees reading her website while they’re supposed to be working. So,nyahh.” – Trish Mifflin, 2013.

“We may have miscategorized your site!”

Sue to Guest on Mike Signorile Show Today (Monday)

If you have access to Sirius XM (and you can get trial access through the website) – I’ll be on the Michaelangelo Signorile show this afternoon at 4:30 PM. We’ll be discussing blogs, blocks, bans and Rick Santorum. See, it always comes back to him. Mike is also the editor-in-chief of HuffPost Gay Voices and […]

Breaking: Our Change.Org Petition Met Signature Goal in Under 36 Hours

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their support. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to run two simultaneous crowdsharing type tasks, but with your support – we are getting there. Our petition at Change.org just reached the initial goal of 500 signatures in less than 1.5 days! We’ve had media inquiries […]

Pgh Human Relations Commission Describes LGBTQ as “Lifestyle,” Claims This Blog Has Porn Content

UPDATE: If you want to take action, please sign my petition via change.org.  I just reviewed the official minutes from the March 4, 2013 meeting of the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations. Commissioner Beth Pittinger expressed concern that this blog was blocked by the City web filters based on the word “lesbian” in the URL, […]