International Women’s Day – Lesbian Style

Well, okay, this is not going to be that interesting of a post. I was just texting with Ledcat about our plans for this evening – we are going to dinner at Eat n Park (using a gift card) and then doing some birthday shopping at Barnes and Noble for our favorite nephew, JJ (he’s six!) As we discussed this rather banal plan, I was nagged by the thought that we should do something more dramatic in honor of International Women’s Day.


Perhaps there is something revolutionary in simply living our lives as two women in love and preparing to celebrate the birthday of the son of our good friends who happen to also be lesbians. Perhaps there’s something revolutionary in going to work, doing chores, using social media and other routine things to simply “exist” – a fact which seems to frighten the heck out of a lot of people.

So I’m picking a few small things to throw into the mix to honor this day.

  • I am not going to criticize my body today. No wry snark about being fat, ugly or so forth. No guilt about what I eat. I’ve erected a barrier to those messages – internal and external – just for today.
  • I am going to make a concerted effort to acknowledge & honor the women I engage today – my friends on Facebook, the women employed by the places we patronize and anyone else we happen to meet.
  • I am going to call my Mum.

How are you recognizing International Women’s Day?


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