Being Acknowledged on International Women’s Day by Statewide Pennsylvania Organization

International Women's Day 2019

I’m Honoring #DayWithoutAWoman by Fundraising for a Pittsburgh Vigil to Honor Trans Women of Color

I wasn’t sure exactly how to honor this day. I work from home and don’t have plans to really shop or spend money of any sort this day. As a two women household, abstaning from household or caretaking labor is not possible because there is no one who is not woman-identified to pick up (or […]

International Women’s Day – Lesbian Style

Well, okay, this is not going to be that interesting of a post. I was just texting with Ledcat about our plans for this evening – we are going to dinner at Eat n Park (using a gift card) and then doing some birthday shopping at Barnes and Noble for our favorite nephew, JJ (he’s […]