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View Article  Dyke March 2010 - Update

Just made my first visit to Police HQ. They have a silly little machine to gain entrance and not-so-loveable curmudgeon at the gate.  He started the hell out of me by looming over while I was waiting for someone -- anyone -- to answer my button pushing.  Not a good start. I almost dropped by Blackberry and that would have been a problem.

But the permit for the Dyke March is notarized and submitted.  The route has been changed to Bloomfield which is very appropriate as a response to the recent gay bashings.  I've spoken with Mayor Ravenstahl's team so I anticipate little problem getting things formalized.  Hopefully, it will all be sewn up by Friday.

Kudos the Mayor's LGBT Advisory Committee for intervening to ensure all community events are treated fairly.

View Article  Kagan for Supreme Court - Stood Up for LGBTQ rights against DADT

President Obama will today nominate Elena Kagan to fill the impending vacancy on the Supreme Court.

She has a bit of history with DADT that's worth reading about.

More later.

View Article  Another reminder why I do this ...

It was nice to post "hey, I got an award" yesterday, but when I took a peek through the google searches I had a humbling reminder LGBT blogs are important  ...

"lesbian support in Pittsburgh"

"help for runaway gay kids"

"lesbian support groups"

"make lesbian friends in Pittsburgh"

"gay partner abuse"

I hope they found answers.

View Article  I got an award! "Lesbian of the Year"

I was tremendously tickled to learn that the readers of the Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter have voted me "Lesbian of the Year" for 2010.  I am in the company of my great colleagues and friends, including:


So who are these fine folks?

Together, The Keystone Alliance/GayLife Newsletter is a Multi-State, National Gay Organization. We raise money for charity, provide monthly support meetings and educational events, and write editorials in various local newspapers. We stand up for those who need protection and equal rights in our community.

It is flattering to be recognized in any form, be it someone calling me out on their blog to readers of a newsletter.  You may bust my chops, but at least you are paying attention, right? 

It does get a little interesting. 

Is your head spinning?  Did you ever expect to read Sue Kerr and John Eichelberger receiving awards from the same organization?  Read here for more details on how Senator Eichelberger earned this honor (it is not in jest).

Again, in all seriousness, it really is very nice to be acknowledged by other commnity advocates.  I am honored.

Thank you.

View Article  Meeting with Senator Specter

Saturday AM, the Arlen Specter campaign hosted an LGBT reception in Shadyside.  Ledcat and I stopped by. We had a delightful conversation with Lt. Governor candidate Jonathan Saidal (read about him here) who is a bright, witty man. Put him in a room with State Senator Daylin Leach and you'd have a pretty erudite room with a lot of laughter. 

The event was nice, but not particularly inspiring.  Senator Specter is being touted as the only person who can defeat Pat Toomey, but that very morning Sestak took a two point lead in the latest polls

Two quick points. 

First, I need to take a closer look at Sestak which I will do this week.  Clearly, others are doing so.

Second, here's where he lost me.  A young member of the crowd asked about the repeal of DADT.

He has the endorsement of Liberty City and Steel City so maybe he's being coy, but "some time" sounds far too much like the Administration.  Gates is going to block the repeal of DADT in 2010, until far past the mid-term elections.  I was HOPING Senator Specter might have something more inspiring to say.  We know he's a cosponsor; we need fierce leadership. 

Overall the event was nice, but pretty mainstream. Less than 1/3 of the attendees were women so I continue to bemoan that we hand over the power of our commnity ... where were all the women who have issues with Specter and missed the chance to ask him about Clarence Thomas and Alito and so forth?  We do ourselves no favor by not showing up.

I can't see you missed much, but the opportunity to create a new dialectic. 

View Article  Live Blogging/Tweeting Monday's Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art

Ledcat and I are thrilled to have been invited back to live blog the fantastic "Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art" auction to benefit Persad Center.  We had a lot of fun last year.  It was an honor to be invited back and this year we'll incorporate live tweeting @PghLesbian24 and @Ledcat.  And don't forget to support Persad ... @PersadCenter. 

Our good friends from KS Kennedy Floral will have their one of a kind floating table which has become all the rage at the LGBT social events. 

I think the logo is lovely. I'd like a print for my office. Someone was asking me to explain what it means to be queer the other day and this image expresses it better than I ever could. 

See you Monday.  If you attend the event, please stop by our table to say hello.  Otherwise, hit us up on Twitter.

We'll be using the hashtag #CLCA. 

View Article  New Head of the SEIU is a lesbian

and the PG has the story

Labor history is fascinating.  Glad to see we'll get more labor herstory, too. 

View Article  From the PG - When My Daughter Came Out

This was a lovely little piece to read this morning when I cracked open the Post-Gazette. A mother reflects on her reaction to her daughter's coming out .... not simply on how it made her (mom) feel, but what her (mom's) response meant for her daughter.

Such a simply, disheartening summary of how you can lose your child (and perhaps yourself?) if you reject her coming out.  The flipside is the opportunity -- to provide love, refuge, succor, support and a touchstone as you figure this out together. 

Kudos to Naomi Weisberg Seigel for a lovely Mother's Day moment. 

View Article  State Rep Harry Readshaw teams up with Darryl Metcalfe? Really?

On that critical Pennsylvania issue ... immigration reform.

State Reps. Daryl Metcalfe and Harry Readshaw think Pennsylvania should follow Arizona's lead and "protect its borders and citizens" by giving local and state police more power to arrest, detain and eventually deport foreigners who have entered the state illegally and don't have proper registration papers.
Harry Readshaw? How many undocumented workers are running around the South Hills, for God's sake? The very idea of endowing the Brentwood police with immigration enforcement powers is beyond terrifying. 
Infinonymous has a unique take on this.

Speaking of which, why am I not on the list? There is no LGBTQ representation on the list.  Foul!


View Article  League of Women Voters Guide

This is the link to the local version of the League of Women Voters voting guide.  http://palwv.org/voting/vg.pdf

This can be a very useful tool in the upcoming Primary Election on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. 

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