Black Trans Woman Shannon Boswell Mortally Shot, Run Over in Atlanta. She was 30.

The Crime A Black trans woman was shot and killed last week in an Atlanta suburb. Shannon Boswell, 30, was then run over by a car. Officials assumed Shannon was the victim of a hit and run. Friends and family reported the shooting to law enforcement, but they only responded when the medical examiner’s report […]

This Pittsburgh Group Distributed 2000 ‘Protect Trans Kids’ Yard Signs, Needs Donations to Continue

Protect Trans Kids

A local effort to distribute ‘Protect Trans Kids’ signs and stickers has reached a milestone, but needs community help to continue their work. The project has produced and distributed 2000 yard signs, most in the Pittsburgh region, since June 2022. Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities (PLC) has spearheaded this project.  They recently decided to send the remaining […]

14 trans youth have died violently since 2022 in the US

The brutal murder of 14 year old Pauly Likens in Western Pennsylvania is far from an isolated incident.. Looking through my archive of memorial posts, I found 14 listings of youth and young adults 21 and under. That’s a span of 18 months, averaging nearly one trans youth brutally murdered each month. They represent more […]

Pauly Likens Was a 14 Year Old Trans Girl When She Was Brutally Murdered in Sharon, PA

Pauly Likens

Pauly Likens was a 14 year old trans girl, born and raised in Sharon, Pennsylvania. She went missing on June 22, 2024. Pauly was killed on June 23, 2024. Her parents reported her missing on June 25, 2024. Her death by murder was announced on July3, 2024. The Crime From The Sharon Herald Likens was […]

14 Year Old Trans Girl Brutally Murdered in Western Pennsylvania

I am holding space tonight for this young community member and neighbor whose life was taken in a brutal manner. Pauly Likens was from Sharon, PA. She liked to wear fake nails and/or polish. She likely died on June 22 or 23. Sharon is about 75 miles from my home in Pittsburgh. I have been […]

Disability Pride Month: Here are 100 Disability Blog Posts

In acknowledgment of Disability Pride Month, a look back at previous posts. Most of my blogging about mental health began after 2010 when I was declared totally and completely disabled by the Federal Government. I immediately hit many walls of discrimination, bias, and ignorance on the part of other people. My response was to up […]

Disability Pride Month: Do You Know About 302’s?

A 302 in Pennsylvania is shorthand for an involuntary civil commitment. 302 is the section of the Pennsylvania code under Mental Health Law. This is a disability pride issue. Last year, LGBTQ activist and writer, Susan “Sue” Kerr suffered an inexcusable violation of her civil rights when multiple officials deliberately disregarded established ‘sprocesses meant to […]

This Is How I’m Keeping Lesbian Blogging Alive According to Autostraddle

Autostraddle profile Sue Kerr

I am so thrilled to have been profiled by the lesbian media site Autostraddle, especially by a Pittsburgh based journalist. Her blog is a living archive of nearly 20 years of LGBTQ history and struggle and culture and joy. It’s a place where the memories of the people who’ve had their lives cut short by […]

Tractor Supply plows under LGBTQ Community, prefers customers not vote?

I never heard of Tractor Supply before I became involved in cat rescue work. I had no reason to visit a feed store, until I learned they had good deals on cat food and reasonable delivery policies. So I became a paying customer. And slowly I poked around their website to see other items that […]

The Return of Spencer Cassadine: Helping My Cat Manage Anxiety

Black cats

No, not that Spencer Cassadine from General Hospital. His nameesake, the feline Spencer Cassadine. I’ve been worried about him since I returned. He was one of the cats trapped and removed from my house (stolen really) while I was very ill. A rescue group did that. They hurt me, a lot. But they hurt him. […]