Why are Pittsburgh Radio Stations Accepting Advertising that Hurts Trans Kids?

We need your help to identify the stations involved.

CN: transphobia, immigration, Presidential politics, MAGA

Once again, radio advertising targeting transgender children are allegedly back on the air in Pittsburgh. And I need your help to determine which stations accepted the ad buy and where the ad can be heard.

This ad is sponsored by the Make America Great Again PAC.

This recording was sent to me by a listener of 102.5 WDVE.

Back in October 2022, eight Pittsburgh radio stations ran similar ads created by the America First Legal Foundation, a PAC with ties to former Trump aide Stephen Miller.

If you hear these ads in Pittsburgh or have heard them recently, please reach out. Seven local stations pledged not to run these ads again. We need them to honor that pledge.

Below is a rough transcript.

protect them? Did you see that Biden’s paying rent for illegal now? They get handouts and we pay for all of it. And Biden’s letting Mexican cartels flood our neighborhoods with murderers and drugs. Um, well, Biden’s done a ton to stop transgender discrimination. Transgender discrimination? Stopping men from using girls’ bathrooms isn’t discrimination. Keeping men out of girls’ sports and out of girls’ locker rooms is just common sense. So, Biden can still count on your vote.

not this time. Trump will stop the sexualization of our children and declare war on the cartels. I’m voting for Donald Trump. Make America Great Again, Inc. paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee. Megapack.com. Duncan.


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