I Need Sunshine. Help Me Furnish My Cattic Lounge

I’ve been back in my home for 43 days now.

The best part has been reuniting with my cats, both household and the colony cats. They seem happy to see me. I’ve been rearranging their spaces and firming up their routines. I added several anti-axiety protocols to help them adjust to my return.

However, I need help with a specific task – creating a little recreational/lounge space in the attic.

The attic is finished, but does not have a door. Half is filled with boxes, bins, and bits of stuff. Oh, and books.

The other half is my “cattic” lounge space. I have a slew of old computers to disassemble and transfer the hard drives, then I’ll have more space. Historically, this is where I began blogging in 2005. That same workspace table is up there and in good condition.

My wonderful friends did a semi-deep clean before I returned. I regularly scoop the litter boxes, sweep the floor, and swish the mop around. It has windows and an ac unit and lots of light. Many people in our neighborhood with similar spaces actually create bedrooms. I just want a little lounge.

So why a cattic lounge?

We have cats who spend a lot of time in the attic. Exposure to me is important for their socialization. Spending a few hours reading or watching TV gives them time to approach me at their own pace. Using a Ring camera, I can track their incremental lowering of anxiety and improved social interactionn.

I need space beyond just my bedroom, especially on weekends. Nothing fancy, just a cozy chair, lamps, TV, etc. The attic window looks over the backyard and out to the West End Bridge. There’s room for a cat tree and my electronics.

I have free reign of the house during weekdays, but at night and all day on the weekends – not so much. I typically head upstairs around 5 PM. My bedroom has no window. With the lengthening of days, it would be nice to enjoy natural light for a few more hours.

It would be nice to have options, not just a schedule of when I can be where. It would be nice to watch the sunset through a window like most people do. To hear crickets, smell the honeysuckle through the window screen.

I need some furnishings. If you have any of these items in gently used condition, they will have a good home. They will help me heal from a very tough year and they will help the cats.

Please note that I do not have a car. I have friends who can help pick up items, but that requires some flexibility. If you cam drop-off, I’ll explain where to do so.

What I have

  • Coffee table
  • Keurig
  • Dorm fridge
  • 19 inch smart TV that I think works

What I need

Slipper Chair
Slipper chair offered to me by a friend in McCandless
  • 1 or 2 chairs. They need to maneuver up two flights of narrow 1871 era stairs. My absolute preference is a chais type chairs or small futon to allow for naps and cat visits. But a wingback chair, slipper chair, small recliner- I’m flexible as long as seating for two. I’m planning to get cat friendly covers so color not a concern.
  • Small end table with outlets and USB ports.
  • 2 or 3 floor lamps.
  • TV stand with brackets to keep cats safe.
  • Dorm size microwave.
  • Power strip with surge protectors.
  • Throw pillows.

What I’d like

  • Interactive cat toys
  • Small cat tree
  • Coasters
  • Lightweight bagless sweeper
  • Slightly larger TV
  • Art to hang on walls

Soon I plan to start downsizing the books and bits, then wash the walls. Hopefully, I can install a customized cat tree along the entire long wall to keep them active.

If you can help me acquire these items in gently used condition, please reach out.


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