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View Article  Update on Rich White People, Upper St. Clair and Uncle Eddie

I was wrong!  On Monday, I credited the USC decision to reinstate the International Baccalaureate Program as a sign of hope.  From the PG:

Funding will come from a combination of $45,000 raised by families of the students and $85,000 guaranteed by Gov. Ed Rendell to the district, board members said.

I just shake my head that the state is allocating $85,000 for Upper St. Clair.  Dormont might lose a pool.  My own community of Manchester has not a single organized youth activity.  And schools throughout this region are scraping by. 

I think the IB program is important and kudos to the parents (and the students) for not letting the wingers win.  It is just sad this victory underscores the truth that those who have access get a disproportionate share of resources.  Does that bode well for the lesbians and gays in Pennsylvania?

View Article  Update on PA Marriage Amendment


From the PA-GALA website, an update on the PA marriage protection amendment ...

The Anti-Marriage Amendment (HB 2381) is on the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives Agenda for the week of Monday, April 24th!  A vote on the Amendment could be held anytime this week!

PA-GALA needs you to contact your State Representative and ask him or her to oppose the Anti-Marriage Amendment. Ask your legislators to protect all Pennsylvania families and not harm some by writing discrimination into Pennsylvania's constitution.

Visit the PA-GALA website for information on how to contact your State rep.

View Article  Trib : Portland Proves Hate Okay

The Trib's Mike Seate steps up for his turn on the Rene Portland homobashing situation and considers Portland a viable candidate for Pennsylvania politics.

[I]nstead of offering any apologies or explanations for her bigotry and paranoia, Portland held a news conference last week where she refused to answer any questions. In fact, she pretty much denied the whole ugly affair. Fined $10,000 by the school, the foul-line homophobe will get to keep her job, which is the kind of hall pass previously reserved for crooked politicians.

Seate makes some nice comparisons to our illustrious hall of crminals, including Western PA's very own Jeff "Corruption" Habay. 

Seate believes that Portland may in fact be on to this trend ...

If I were a betting man, I'd wager that Portland already knows this. She knows that a winning record makes beloved sports figures almost bullet-proof when it comes to criticism. It also means the rules, whatever they are, don't apply to the powerful and successful.

And by now, I'm sure Portland realizes that Penn State may never place the same importance on its students as it does its athletic programs.

What a great commonwealth is Pennsylvania! 

View Article  Take Heart: Rich White Liberals Can Drive Back the Wingers

From a blurb on the Post-Gazette website comes the nugget that the Upper St. Clair School District is reinstating the International Baccalaureate program in the face of a hailstorm of protest and a pending lawsuit. 

IB is an educational curriculum that proposes to give students an "international" perspective in the classroom.  Obviously, its a propaganda tool for the liberals and thank goodness the alert Christian wingers stomped out the evil influence while they could. 

Or not.

USC tried to dodge the discrimination bullet by claiming that they axed the program for funding purposes.  So then Uncle Eddie sensing an opportunity in election year stepped up and said that the state government would drop everything to fund this program for one of the wealthiest suburban districts in Western PA.  To hell with those urban kids and their pesky academic needs ...

Plus, some school board idiot let it slip that it was about the threat to Judeao-Christian values anyway. 

The parents filed suit (did the school board forget that the ACLU legal guru lives in their district  --- the guy who already whomped on the intelligent design folks in Dover?). 

So its all better now. Politics will have its course in the next round of elections.  The kids can continue to learn about life outside of their box.  And the rest of us can take heart knowing that occasionally, the good guys win.

I mean, seriously, did they just not know that he lived there? 

View Article  Lesbians Host ManXposure 2006

Aren't they cute? 

These are two of our canine crew members, Alexander and Amadeus.  We've been working on a 7 month quest to help them come to terms with their apparent fear of men.  Hence ...


Essentially, we ferret out our male friends who aren't afraid of big dogs and invite them over to toss bacon bits and other meaty tidbits to two large barking dogs while trying not to flinch. We reward the men with chocolate chip cookies.

It has been working very well.  After about 10 minutes of fear barking, they both end up on the floor begging for belly rubs and petting. Now, we are gearing up for a summer Man Party.  Two dogs, two lesbians, our straight female dog trainer and a room full of gay men ... now that's a party! 

Miss Mona and her feline companions are not thrilled with all the ruckus, but certainly enjoy the company.  They only fear children with sticky fingers. 

View Article  Hurrah for Dana Elmendorf!

Local gay advocate Dana Elmendorf asks Pennsylvania to consider why Darryl Metcalfe and his band of merry men are rushing the marriage protection amendment to the House floor?  This was in the PG.

UPDATE  11:27 AM:  And this was in Friday's Tribune Review.  Good job Dana!

View Article  Post Gazette Applauds Penn State Stance on Rene Portland


The Post-Gazette Editors have spoken -- (emphasis mine)

We applaud university President Graham Spanier for upping the penalty from the initially suggested and insultingly negligible one-game suspension to a $10,000 fine. Perhaps the punishment should have been more severe. Had she discriminated against a player on the basis of race or ethnicity, she'd likely be looking for a new job.

I never thought I'd see the day when ESPN was more in synch with my thoughts than the Post-Gazette.  Welcome to that day! 

What the hell are the PG editors implying ... that the punishment fits the crime because it was just a little dyke bashing instead of a real case of discrimination? 

Penn State doesn't get a pass on this.  The University is making it very clear that there is a hierarchy of protection in their anti-discrimination policy.   Racial discimination is not tolerated.  Homophobia is okay if you are willing to pay $10,000. 

Portland violated the University's nondiscrimination policy.  There is no hierarchy (or there should NOT be) of protected classes within that policy.  Period.  She forced Jennifer Harris to go to school and play basketball in a hostile environment, eventually driving her out. 

Now the Post-Gazette has dropped the ball, too.  They didn't question Penn State's motivation for this wrist slapping maneuver. 

Pennsylvania's homosexuals are not second class citizens.  Bad enough our relationships are under assault from the right wingers, but now our young people are being denied an opportunity to pursue a higher education in a safe environment at the state land grant university.  That is unacceptable.

Shame on the Post-Gazette for bowing at the altar of anything goes athletics. 

When the hell is Tony Norman coming back? 

View Article  More on Nigerian Gay Hate Bill

From Black Looks and Feministing comes this update on the Nigerian legislation criminalizing homosexuality (you'll recall the PG op-ed discussion on this issue).

The Nigerian homosexuality bill, the "Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, 2006" which was presented to the House on the 31st March has now had its first reading in the Senate. A report in the Nigerian Vanguard states that the Bill has been widened to include "punish individuals who witness,  celebrate with or support couples involved in homosexual relationships".

This legislation essentially criminalizes homosexuality.  It strips a group of human beings of their entire identity and any claim to justice whatsoever.  Homosexuals will "no longer be human beings, but illegal beings."

The Bill effectively silences the issue of homosexuality in Nigeria and removes all  Human Rights of  HR defenders, lesbians, gays, bi-bisexuals and transgendered people. 

Peter Akinola, Anglican bishop and all around homohater, argues that this law reflects the Nigerian people's view on sexual matters. 

Here's the Pittsburgh angle .... our beloved Episcopal Bishop Robert Duncan issues a press release stating that the Archbishop's support for this legislation is an improvement over Sharia law which advocates death for homosexuals.  He then whips out the arguement that outraged Episopalians (and Anglicans) are being COLONIALIST by imposing their sexual values on Nigerians ....

I can't make this stuff up folks.  God be with the entire Nigeria population.  Because the Anglican Church sure isn't with them. 

View Article  Do local politicans read the Post-Gazette?

By my count, the Post-Gazette has published 11 letters to the editor on the topic of the anti-gay marriage amendment making its way through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Prior to these letters, the PG featured two op-ed pieces on the same topic.  The pro-amendment position came from sponsor, Darryl Metcalfe.  The anti-amendment position came from the great Dan Frankel. 

Here's the interesting part .... out of the 11 people who took the time to write a letter to the editor, 10 of them are opposed to the amendment.  Their reasons vary, but all ten clearly do not see this issue at the top of the priority list for Pennsylvania's elected officials.  The lone supporter of the amendment is a representative of Concerned Women for America. <Click on the category Marriage on the left hand menu for links to all 11 letters>

There have been no letters in the Tribune Review. 

So my next question is whether Pennsylvania's legislators are reading the Post-Gazette.  The consensus has been that the pols are supporting this amendment to galvanize support among their conservative base.  A base that is usually quite vocal about anything homorelated.  A base that usually picks up a pen and lets the world know how they feel about gay marriage. 

But in this case, one of those persons picked up a pen.  I asked the PG letters editor to her face if the 10-1 ratio was reflective of the actual letters received and she answered in the affirmative. 

10-1 readers of the largest newspaper in Western Pennsylvania.  And no reader of the second largest. 

Are you paying attention Republican Caucus?  

Click here to read what PG letter writers said in today's edition.  Including the luminous Carol Untch.

View Article  Tribune Review - Metcalfe's "Marriage Amendment" Unnecessary

Tribune Review colunist Eric Heyl has coined a new verb.  To "Metcalf" is to "wantonly engage in acts of stupefying redundancy."

Heyl goes right for the political jugular

Regardless of your opinion on same-sex marriage, know this about Metcalfe's anti-brokeback bill: It is entirely unnecessary, as superfluous and manipulative a piece of legislation as you currently will find making its way through the Capitol's semi-corrupt corridors.

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