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View Article  Catherine Specter Plays Right Into the Darryl Metcalfe Vision of Marriage

In today's column, Cat Specter taps into her inner-Harriet Nelson to dish out some spectacularly dated 1950's crap advice for her "girl" readers. 

First, a reader asks for advice on being set up for a date with the son of her parents' friends, a date on which she does not want to go.  Specter tells her that she has to go for risk of embarrassing her parents or offending their friends with the implication that their son is not datable. 

Wow, if I lived my life to avoid embarrassing my parents or offending their friends, I'd pretty much not be openly gay, not be a social worker, not be a liberal, and defintely not writing this blog  --- I would not be me.  But maybe the reader values her parents' comfort more than her own and will suppress her instincts to go on this date.  She might get a car, house in Cranberry Township, two kids and the occasional new outfit out of it.

Then there's the anti-woman kicker:

Who knows, maybe he's equally averse to dating you, which could make him more attractive.

Now that's CATTY.  What the hell kind of advice columnists INSULTS her readers -- all of her women readers? 

And then she does it again in the next round of advice.  A concerned dad writes in to ask how to push his 37 year old daughter into marriage with her boyfriend of four years.  Specter starts off strong by explaining that marriage is his goal, not necessarily hers and he should relax a little and let her follow her own instincts without judging her.   Then she points out that marriage to this guy might not even be an option because he probably won't buy the cow if he's getting the milk for free.

You're right that he probably won't marry her if he can get it all without walking down the aisle, but she may be of the same mind.

What is the "all" that he is getting --- a long-term, committed healthy relationship with a mature woman who shares his values about marriage?  Or ongoing access to her vagina with no strings?

CORRESPONDENT'S CALL:  Darryl Metcalfe would be proud!

View Article  McIntire Interviews Mary Cheney Monday Evening on KDKA

Tune into John McIntire on KDKA Monday evening 7-10 PM when he interviews lesbian traitorous Mary Cheney. 


View Article  Polish Gays March Today

Activists and politicians are planning to march through Warsaw today (Saturday) as a show of solidarity for homosexuals throughout Eastern Europe.  365gay.com reports that gays are under increasing pressure from the left and right in Poland where communists and Catholics alike are exerting tremendous societal pressure to suppress homosexual activism.

Gay rights groups say they've suffered even more of a setback since the election victory last fall of Law and Justice, a conservative party whose leaders have openly denounced homosexuality. A new coalition formed last month has also raised concerns because it includes a right-wing party, League of Polish Families, with a youth wing that has attacked gay pride parades in Poland in recent years.

The group, All-Polish Youth, said Thursday it was canceling plans to rally this Saturday in hopes of preventing a "physical confrontation with leftist fundamentalists."

A member of the League, Wojciech Wierzejski, also caused a stir in past weeks for asking the interior and justice ministers to investigate gay rights groups to determine whether pedophiles and drug dealers were financing them.

In April, dozens of people were injured when youth from the League of Polish Families attacked a peaceful parade. 

Human rights monitors indicate that this latest in a series of clashes between homosexuals and those who would sanction discrimination is a reflection of a larger clash between the East and West.

Organizers expect a large showing of support from activists and politicians throughout Europe.

Saturday's march is expected to draw supporters from throughout Europe, including lawmakers from Germany and Sweden who are mobilizing in reaction to recent violence against gays in the region. A week earlier in Bucharest, Romania, passers-by threw plastic bottles and shouted anti-gay slogans at a gay rights demonstration.

During a march in Moscow on May 27, gay rights activists were pummeled by right-wing protesters and detained by police when they rallied in defiance of a city ban. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said gay parades "may be acceptable for some kind of progressive, in some sense, countries in the West, but it is absolutely unacceptable for Moscow, for Russia."

Several politicians from throughout Europe are also mobilizing to support gay rights. Members of Germany's Greens party plan to travel to Warsaw to take part in the march, including Volker Beck, who was beaten by nationalist youths during the Moscow rally, as well as Renate Kuenast and Claudia Roth.

The Campaign Against Homophobia said lawmakers from Sweden, France and the Netherlands would also attend in a sign of solidarity.

"This isn't just about gays and lesbians anymore," Biedron, the leader, said in an interview. "This march will be a big demonstration against fundamentalism and the violation of human rights."

View Article  Round Up on PG Reader Gay Marriage Amendment Opinion

Three letters today. All opposed to the amendment. 

It is unbelievable that the only trump card the Republicans have is to try to scare people into believing that gay unions will somehow destroy the institution of marriage. The Republicans have no solutions or new ideas except tax breaks for the wealthy and scaring people who they hope will vote for them in November.

Kathy Brennan, Squirrel Hill


Shame on the Pennsylvania Legislature and President Bush for wasting our time and money on an issue that is none of their business

Amy Kellman, Oakland


What is needed is an amendment banning divorce. Of course, the homicide, abuse, adultery and suicide rates will skyrocket, but you can't have everything. Most important, the "sanctity" of marriage will be preserved.

Gerry Walkowski, Brookline

Nothing in the Tribune-Review or its underlings.  Its important to keep this up as the Senate Judiciary Committee considers the Senate bill on Tuesday.  We want them to hold hearings on the bill; its proponents will want a straight up or down vote because there's only so much of the democratic process necessary when you are pushing through a hate amendment.

Send your own message to the Post-Gazette. 

View Article  The Ice Cream Twins Are Angry With Me ....

Apparently, someone has their panties in a knot about a recent Correspondent post "Post Gazette Kisses White House Ass, Fawns Over Local Sibs" where I exercise my remaining freedom of speech and criticize Pittsburgh residents who make a living supporting a murderous, hate-mongering, deceitful Administration.  That post has been getting an incredible amount of visitors over the past few days, indicating that someone has passed around the link so all of their friends can click their tongues in outrage, stomp their expensively shoed feet and call me a mean bitch. 

They also insult my family by insinuating I didn't get enough hugs AND imply that I don't know from good ice cream. Perhaps I should be grateful the ice cream twins haven't set the FBI on me. 

But the ice cream bit is just blatantly not true.  We regularly have ice cream and have found that hands down the best place in town is

Shakes, floats, sundaes ... they do it all.  They will even give your dog a baby cone if you bring her with you. 

And, best of all, your hard earned money willl go into the coffers of someone who isn't employed by George Bush.  Now that's a sweet deal!

Mean bitch signing off ...

View Article  Jon Stewart Slaps Down Bill Bennett "Gays Are Part of the Human Race"

h/t Page One Q

Click here for video ....

Bennett: Well I think if gay..gay people are already members of families?

Stewart: What? (almost spitting out his drink)

Bennett: They?re sons and they?re daughters..

Stewart: So that?s where the buck stops, that?s the gay ceiling.

Bennett Look, it?s a debate about whether you think marriage is between a man and a women.

Stewart:I disagree, I think it?s a debate about whether you think gay people are part of the human condition or just a random fetish.

View Article  PA Legislators Fast Track Gay Marriage Ban, No Movement on Property Tax Reform, Health Care, Transportation, Workforce Legislation ....

According to the Post-Gazette, our esteemed legislators have had the bright idea of fast-tracking the marriage protection amendment through the Senate. 

House Bill 2381, which would amend the state constitution to limit marriage to between one man and one woman, is set for a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning. The bill was approved by the full House this week by a 2 to 1 margin.

If approved by the Judiciary Committee Tuesday, as several senators expect, it could be voted on by the full Senate as soon as June 19, Senate Republican Whip Jeffrey Piccola of Dauphin County said yesterday.

He and another supporter, Sen. Bob Regola, R-Hempfield, said they expect the bill to get full Senate approval on June 19 or soon thereafter -- definitely before the Senate recesses for the summer in late June or early July.

Keep that in mind as you toodle off on your summer vacation over rutted state highways; as your grandmother tries to stretch her social security to pay for all her prescriptions;  as your son looks for a job or faces moving your grandkids out of state; as your parents struggle to pay their property taxes and keep the home they worked a lifetime to own. 

I'll be here still not married to my partner.  Don't you feel your interests are well protected?

Here's a message from LGBT political organizer Dana Elmendorf:

The amendment will now go to the Senate for a vote as SB1084 by the end of June before the legislators go home for summer vacations. From there, both bodies will need to vote on it again in the next session - if they vote yes, it will end up on the ballot and serve as a divisive issue in 2008. Even though proponents of the amendment succeeded at this step in terms of numbers, when we look at the amount of thoughtful discourse that has been happening around the issue of fairness and equality and compare our efforts with even ten years ago, we feel we are involved in an historic effort.
PLease send a letter to or call your STATE Senator in the next week urging them to vote against SB1084.  You can easily do this by visiting www.center4civilrights.org . If you prefer not to get on a mailing list, you can go to www.vote-smart.org to find out who your STATE Senator is and call them directly with a quick message.
While I was initially saddened by the result of Tuesday night's vote, I am now more grateful than ever to have friends and allies like yourself willing to step forward for the people you love.
Feel free to forward this info along..................Dana Elmendorf
View Article  Pro-Homo Shout Out From Mt. Lebanon PG Reader

Donald J. Gilbert of Mt. Lebanon (PG):

I have been married for almost 45 years. Not once in all that time did either my wife or I feel threatened by the gay people we knew. What I need is protection from people like the "jubilant" state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry

And this from the Trib ....

View Article  Could the Anti-Homo Vote Backfire? So says Philadelphia columnist

Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Baer thinks that voters are disgusted about the obsessive focus on gay marriage to the detriment of other actual issues (Iraq, fuel prices, immigration, the economy, and healthcare are the top five).  And this disgust might lead to a bit of backlash at the polls. 

I caught this columnist tonight on McIntire's radio show as I was fleeing the suburbs of Cranberry to return to the sanity of the inner city.  It was like a reunion of cojoined twins listening to the Johns grapple for the banter-meister mantle.  Call me disloyal, but I think Baer might have taken it during that segment.  :-)

Anyway, Baer points out that true conservatives aren't consumed with homopersecution and resent being pigeonholed on cultural issues.

"It makes no sense on any level," says a national GOP consultant requesting anonymity to avoid drawing criticism from paying clients. "Republicans risk being defined as the socially conservative party, and only that, as opposed to the party conservative on the economy, conservative on national security, the things that allowed Republicans to dominate for so long."

Being defined by one aspect of your identity?  I can't imagine what that must be like!

Essentially, the homo-frenzy may turn out the tried and true Santorumites who see no problem with Ricky employing a spokesfag to spin his gay bashing rhetoric- if you can't marry 'em, lure 'em into traitorous high paid jobs and hope they don't notice?

However, Baer postulates that the broader constituent base may in fact resent this grandstanding enough to voice their displeasure at the polls.

I don't doubt some sincere people sincerely see gay marriage as threatening civilization. (Though same-sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for two years and as far as I know Boston hasn't turned into a pillar of salt.) But political leaders who push this - Bush, Sens. Frist and Santorum, legislative leaders in Harrisburg - insult and cheat their broader constituencies.

Paging a few Democrats ---   H. William DeWeese of Waynesburg; Vince Biancucci of Aliquippa; James Casorio of Irwin; Peter Daley of California; Anthony DeLuca of Penn Hills; R. Ted Harhai of Monessen; Nick Kotik of Robinson; Victor Lescovitz of Midway; David Levdansky of Forward; Joseph Markosek of Monroeville; John Pallone of New Kensington; Joseph Petrarca of Vandergrift; Thomas Petrone of Crafton Heights; Sean Ramaley of Conway; Harry Readshaw of Carrick; Larry Roberts of Hopwood; Ken Ruffing of West Mifflin; James Shaner of Lemont Furnace; Thomas Tangretti of Greensburg.

View Article  Scott Mervis - a lame gay reference is better than no gay reference at all?

Perhaps he's run out of things to say or perhaps he just had writer's block.  Either way, its mildly annoying that the good Mr. Mervis, entertainment guru of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, had to go there.   Where, you ask?

Here's a hint.  He's was writing up the Western Pennsylvania Faerie Festival.

For certain people, particularly men who are a little insecure about their manhood, it might be hard to tell their friends that they are going to the Fairie Festival this weekend

It's going to arouse some snickers, but ... well, no buts. It sounds funny. Period.

That's so lame. 

Scott, this whole event is screaming out "HOMO" .... faeries, queens, gossamer wings, men in tights ...in the kind of way that would give a City Paper columnist lots of satirical fodder, but probably wouldn't fly with the good readers of the Post-Gazette. 

I feel for you, man. 

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