Casual Promises to Myself That I Am Under No Legal Obligation to Fufill 2018

I’m not setting New Years resolutions this year. I peaked in 2003 and figure why mess with a resolution that introduced me to Ledcat? Instead, I’m identifying some noncommital aspirations into the conversation. I’m not apathetic about trying to fulfill these, but I’m also not overly vested in the outcome. Either way, I still have […]

In 2014, I Plan to Spend Time With A Lot of White Straight Men

Sue Kerr Bill Peduto

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see? My exclusive interview with Executive Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette David Shribman about language, media and style guides. Follow up on the investigations into the assault of two queer women of color at Margaritaville, two queer white men […]

Do More Of These Things in 2014

Dog Coat

The Prompt: What Do You Want To Do More of in 2014? This is a companion post to yesterday’s prompt. First, I want to walk more and use more public transportation. The T stop is less than a mile from my front door so there’s no real reason I shouldn’t be using it to go Downtown. […]

14 Random Goals for 2014

For those of you anxious about the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas music, this might blow your mind – I was prompted to share my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. I can’t honestly think that deeply right now. So here are some random things I’d like to do in 2014. 1. Dust off the Wii and see what […]

Wrapping up LGBTQ 2012 With The Correspondents

I tossed out some questions for the team to answer. 1. What LGBTQ news story from 2012 resonated the most deeply with you and why?   Trish – Marriage equality coming to Maine, Maryland and Washington, maybe because 2012 was the year when I got married (after years of thinking I never would). It forced me […]