14 Random Goals for 2014

For those of you anxious about the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas music, this might blow your mind – I was prompted to share my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014.

I can’t honestly think that deeply right now. So here are some random things I’d like to do in 2014.

1. Dust off the Wii and see what that mean toned lady is going to say to me. She might be dead by now along with the batteries and the technology.

PA's Grand Canyon
PA’s Grand Canyon

2. Go dancing. We haven’t done that in a long time – too late, too smoky, too expensive, etc.

3. Visit at least 6 new-to-me coffeehouses so I can earn my new brewmaster badge.

4. Buy a new coffeemaker for my home. (If you started to say “Keurig” just wipe that off your lips now!)

5. Visit Pennsylvania’s “Grand Canyon.”

6. One new crockpot recipe a month and not use cream of chicken soup more than once.

7. Identity the disability advocate for the Consol Center and have a conversation with that person about accessibility.

8. Eat more carrots.

9. Eat dinner at one of the fancy restaurants in the East End that are farm to table or local sourced or something.

10. Take an online class in something exciting like “Bookkeeping.” Dostoevsy

11. Visit three faith communities. No eye rolling and no crying.

12. Create modern-day web series for Dostoevsky novels set in Pittsburgh. Cast David Conrad.

13. Take the train to Philly, possibly for a conference in March.

14. Keep trying.


I’m open to nominations for coffeehouses, casting and faith communities pghlesbian at gmail dot com.

Also no one tell Mr. Senior that I listed resolutions before Thanksgiving. Oh my …


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