Do More Of These Things in 2014

The Prompt: What Do You Want To Do More of in 2014?

This is a companion post to yesterday’s prompt.

First, I want to walk more and use more public transportation. The T stop is less than a mile from my front door so there’s no real reason I shouldn’t be using it to go Downtown.

Second, I want to watch more TV. Yes, that’s right. I can go an entire week only watching the news and maybe an hour of a primetime program. TV can be a useful way to distract your brain when it is in overdrive. (Plus, we might get cable — shhhh.) I used to watch the morning show  on CBS and the political shows on Sunday mornings. Not sure I want to do that again, so maybe I’ll start with watching Days of Our Lives live instead of online. 🙂

Third, I’m entering my fourth month of daily blogging come January so I need to move away from these introspective bits and toward more analysis and coverage of live events. My first step will be to find linkages between the daily prompts and bigger issues during January.

Fourth is more time engaging the pets both inside and outside. Just to be clear, when I have to go out to chase them of the deck into the snow and then unfasten Deus’ winter blanket so he can climb the steps – that totally counts. It is like playing checkers with old men – move the dog here and watch him stare balefully  at me, move him there and then suddenly someone walks by with another dog and everyone is in full alert mode. It is pretty amusing.

Dog Coat
Amadeus is thrilled with his new winter blanket coat. Thrilled.

Finally, I want to read more books. Listening to an mp3 is fine, but there’s something satisfying about a book well read.


Smile at strangers.

Talk with my neighbors.

What do you want to do more of in 2014?


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