Casual Promises to Myself That I Am Under No Legal Obligation to Fufill 2018

I’m not setting New Years resolutions this year. I peaked in 2003 and figure why mess with a resolution that introduced me to Ledcat?

Instead, I’m identifying some noncommital aspirations into the conversation. I’m not apathetic about trying to fulfill these, but I’m also not overly vested in the outcome. Either way, I still have 2003. And Ledcat.

So here goes (or maybe not, whatever)

  • More time on Twitter, a little less on Facebook. I want to engage though, not just post links. So I’ll hope to reach 8,000 followers in 2018 and nudge up my Klout Score to 68. Or just maybe be good with my current status which ain’t bad for a middle aged queer disabled lady blogger.
  • Read at least 1 book a month. I used to read books by the dozen, but now I spend hours reading online content – good, useful content, but not books. When I saw President Obama included one of my partially started books in his list for 2017, I knew it was time to try again.
  • Find at least two variations of steel cut oats cooked in the crockpot that I truly enjoy. This requires me to polish off the remaining quick oats before getting started.
  • Remember to cancel Hulu after I watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ – for God’s sake, Sue, you don’t need three streaming services plus cable. That’s $72 you could spend on something useful like a new rice cooker that makes oatmeal.
  • Unfurl my new yoga mat in the presence of my trainer, Myrna, and do something sweaty. Myrna teaches yoga and is a personal trainer. She’s going to work with me at home as I recover from surgery and prepare for carpal tunnel surgeries and treat shoulder tendinitis.
  • Clicker train Precious the cat. She’s not motivated by food so we may not get far. But it will surely create some magical memories for us. And movement is good.
  • Finish this list …



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