In 2014, I Plan to Spend Time With A Lot of White Straight Men

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

Pittsburgh Lesbian

  1. My exclusive interview with Executive Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette David Shribman about language, media and style guides.
  2. Follow up on the investigations into the assault of two queer women of color at Margaritaville, two queer white men in Lawrenceville and the murders of two trans women in Cleveland. By follow-up, I mean results from the police investigations as well as content on how the survivors and their loved ones are doing.
  3. Coverage of the committee hearing on HB 300 in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
  4. More posts from guest contributors as well as Trish and Ledcat. (Want to contribute? Send us an email pghlesbian at gmail)
  5. More reviews of LGBTQ books, performances, businesses, etc especially those in Pittsburgh.
  6. Sustainability issues.
  7. Coverage on Pittsburgh’s first LGBTQ media convening (or planning for the 2015 convening.)
  8. (Behind the scenes) The successful resolution to the Google Analytics dilemma of 2013.
  9. Update on my LGBTQ Task Force suggestion to the Peduto Administration
  10. A wedding announcement?
Sue Kerr Bill Peduto
I have great expectations for 2014!


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