Ten Years Later: Looking Back at the 2009 Steel City Stonewall Democrats Endorsement Meeting

Steel City Stonewall Democrats Endorsement 2019

I’m resharing/reposting this post from exactly ten years ago – my summary of the 2009 Steel City Stonewall Democrats endorsement meeting. I’ve included the comments. You might notice a similarity with the modern incarnation of progressive Dems – both candidates and activists (and commenters). And the criticisms that I’m irrelevant, self-serving, and demanding as well […]

The Book I’ll Write About The Peduto Administration

Sue Kerr Bill Peduto

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination. The Rise of the Working Class Queer Poverty is a queer value as long as we tout the myth of ‘gay affluence’ as a selling point for marketing. Pittsburgh is at a crossroads – somewhere […]

Election Wrap Up

There are simply no words to describe how I feel to know that Bill Peduto is the Mayor-Elect of Pittsburgh. As a woman, a lesbian, a social worker and a person living with a disability  – I just can’t find the right words. Relief? Thankful? Even hopeful?   Other notable electoral news across the queerosphere […]

Saturday is Peduto Campaign Kickoff

UPDATED: PWSA Shenanigans For Wagner Campaign?

This report is in from a Peduto poll watcher. “I was a watcher for Mr. Peduto in the 10th Ward today. I was disturbed to see a PWSA truck pull up to our polling place, and hand off several Jack Wagner signs, as well as a few other various handouts. It was obvious to me […]

Pets Fur Peduto: Bill Peduto and Animal Welfare Policies

I was recently asked what Bill Peduto will do to address animal welfare issues when he is elected Mayor. While he has listed over 100 policy proposals on his website, there is no clear cut stance on animal welfare. So I gleaned a few suggestions you might want to consider. First, I have been informed […]

Keep Calm and Vote Peduto

Eco-Wednesday: Bill Peduto Has Enviromental Policy Proposals

I’m going off-road this week and dedicating the “Eco-Wednesday” post to Bill Peduto, Candidate for Mayor.  You may have heard that Peduto is posting over 100 policy pages (meaning = short versions, easy to read) on his website during his campaign. It is true. And given that we are coming up on Earth Day, I […]

This Person is Voting Peduto