Pets Fur Peduto: Bill Peduto and Animal Welfare Policies

I was recently asked what Bill Peduto will do to address animal welfare issues when he is elected Mayor. While he has listed over 100 policy proposals on his website, there is no clear cut stance on animal welfare. So I gleaned a few suggestions you might want to consider.

City Dogs For Peduto!
City Dogs For Peduto!

First, I have been informed by the campaign that Bill plans to invite all of the animal welfare folks to the table to discuss the possibility (and plan for) Pittsburgh as a no-kill City. This would include the shelters, the volunteers, the rescue groups and all who have an investment having a chance to share their opinion and work together.

Second, as Mayor Bill be meeting with each City Department including Animal Care and Control to discuss their successes, challenges, needs and so forth. There are some good people in those offices, people who have good ideas on how to make things better. Giving them a chance to share is important.

2013-05-04 11.12.56 Kitties

Third – I have proposed that Bill expand his policy to establish Community Codewatch Zones to include Animal Care & Control along with Bureau of Building Inspection, Public Works, Public Safety and Planning when meeting with the communities and neighborhoods. This creates more dialogue and connects the dots between animal welfare and community life.

Then there are changes such as providing all employees with email that will increase communication options with mobile teams like Animal Care and Control. The plans for greener walkways, parks and safer pedestrian areas will have an impact on all of us who walk our dogs (or our cats) as well as the local wildlife. Creating more fiscal stability creates more funding opportunities for spay and neuter programs, ACC staff, no-kill traps to loan to residents, and more.

Bill did vote to change the Burea’s name from Animal Control to Animal Care and Control as well as to move the programs from Environmental Services to the department of Public Safety.

Bill supports ideas and has concrete plans that will improve the quality of life for domestic animals and wildlife in the City. I personally think you’ll find these values fit well with his established policy goals and his vision for our region.

Pet owners, vote Peduto!


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