Gaylettres to the Editor and other gay stuff

You mean other stuff happened yesterday?  Here's a smattering …

Scott Weber of Shaler wrote to the Post-Gazette urging people to recognize the value of gay parenting.

In describing his country's new civil partnership law, British Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke about what he called “the civilizing effect” the policy has had on society far beyond the gay and lesbian community. Gay and lesbian parents deserve understanding and the same legal safeguards as other parents.

The Rev. Jane Adams Spahr a North Side Presbyterian native will speak Sunday at East Liberty Presbyterian Church.

PG sports columnist Shelly Anderson takes a peek at discrimination in the sports world.

Perhaps, on the surface, we don't really care if athletes, coaches and management are black, white, Asian, gay, straight or Libertarian, as long as they come across as decent people, although it's telling that gay athletes aren't lining up to go public during their playing days.

In reality, we probably have a long way to go. For now, sports can still be defined as black, white and misread all over.

Moving forward.


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