PG Readers Speak Up For Gay Marriage

The PG has published several letters to the editor in response to Darryl Metcalfe's uninspiring diatribe on the need for a anti-gay marriage amendment.  The letters tend to be from heterosexual people, some parents of gay adult children, who clearly get that not only is Metcalfe scapegoating gays but that he has no business investing […]

Dan Frankel – Anti Gay Marriage Amendment will hurt Pennsylvania

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Frankel writes a passionate op/ed in today's Post-Gazette.  Frankel, a Democrat and long time progressive ally of the LGBT community, examines the potential damage the marriage protection amendment will do to the gay AND unmarried straight communities. Including senior citizens. The impact could be far reaching – health insurance coverage, foster […]

Bad Gay News from Massachusetts

From comes word that the State Supreme Court will let a 1913 law stand that prohibits clerks from issuing marriage licenses to people from states where their marriage would be illegal.  Originally passed to prohibit interracial marriage, the law has been used to prevent non-Mass. same-sex couples from marrying. According to Pam's House Blend …The […]

Gay Round Up

Lots of goings on today …. From the local front, two letters to the editor in the Post-Gazette. David Schelbe, co-chair of PFLAG Pittsburgh, asks the crucial question — how will amending the Pennsylvani constitution protect marriage? Amy Beisel of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference opines that a one man/one woman marriage is unique and special, […]

Trib Writer Takes Solace at Gay Bar

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The Tribune-Review's Mike Seate enjoys going to True (he doesn't name it, but we all know that's the place he's describing).  He also enjoys the reactions of his straight friends to being in a gay oriented bar.  Seate does a nice job tweaking the social homophobia of men who delusionally believe they are the sexual target of […]

Hypocrites & bigots

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Some random notes…Rep. Randy Cunningham's loot came on the auction block last week. You remember Randy? The gentleman who ranted about the evils of gay people but then accepted bribes. The last time I checked, stealing was a big one in the ten commandments, but, uh…being gay …WAS NOT. Also, some observations about who might […]

Another Update on Marriage Amendment

From the ACLU lobbiest: “He feels that we can still win this battle, BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO PUT A HUMAN FACE ON THIS AMENDMENT!  State legislators and state senators need to meet people, both GLBT and straight, who oppose this amendment.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to set up district office visits to speak […]

Homo Lovers, Homo Haters Issue Press Releases on Gay Marriage

Here's the latest from our friend Dan Frankel ………  “This amendment would put at risk vital legal protections for thousandsof unmarried same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Pennsylvania,including many senior citizens. Rushing this amendment through wouldjeopardize their inheritance rights and their rights to make medicaldecisions for each other.” And our homohating foe Darryl Metcalfe (shown with […]

Update on Marriage Amendment

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

From the Value All Families Coalition: The amendment is still active. So far, there has been a motion totable the amendment for two weeks so there could be a public hearingon the amendment. We LOST this motion on a tie vote, 14-14. Thecommittee has now recessed so that the legislators can go intosession. The committee […]

Why Does Jane Orie Hate Gay People?

State Senator Jane Orie is putting her time and energy behind persecuting homosexuals (and the 250,000 unmarried heterosexual couples in Pennsylvania).   (412) 630-9466 Western PA Senate sponsors of  Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing for marriage. State Senator Bob Regola – District 39  Greensburg      724-600-7002 State Senator Don […]