Lesbian Correspondent Wrests Control of Queer Reporting Back From Upstart Middle Age White Guy

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

We here at Lesbian Central are pleased that our good friend and all-around groovy middle aged white guy John McIntire wants to expand his repetoire of gay jokes beyond the phrase “butt fuck.”  He now seems hung up on kissing (lesbian kissing, Snickers eatin' men kissing, Ravenstahl's ass kissing …) but that's movement in the […]

Because Human Rights Include Gay People in Nigeria, Read This …

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

From 365gay.com … Abuja) The National Assembly held public hearings Wednesday on a bill to ban gay marriage and criminalize virtually all forms of gay expression in Nigeria. The bill lays down penalties of up to five years for anyone watching or reading material deemed to be pro-gay either in public or in their own homes, […]

Russian Gays Defy Homophobic Violence; Will March Again

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

These Russian gays are quite an intense bunch.  After facing brutality at the hands of the skinheads, the Russian Orthodox faithful and the police, they plan to rally again next year.  “The 27th of May has been for us so far an anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1993 in Russia. But the gay […]

Russian Pride and Shame – Police Stand By While Gays Beaten

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

As promised, gay activists converged on Moscow to hold the capitol's first gay pride rally in spite of the event being denied a permit and denounced by religious and political leaders throughout Russia. In preparation for the rally, over 1000 police in riot gear met the activists in Red Square along with hundreds of anti-gay protestors.  […]

Moscow says No to Gay Pride March AND Oscar Wilde?

At the beginning of the month, we reported on ties between Russian skinheads, the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Muslims in the Russian ant-gay movement.   Police had to hold back protestors from the three groups trying to disrupt a gay event at a local nightclub.  Meanwhile, Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov refused to issue a permit for […]

14 year old “gay” child executed in Iraq

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

From Raw Story comes news that Iraqi police accused a 14 year old child of corrupting the community because he had sex with men. His punishment was to be dragged from his family's home and shot more than 4 times.  The child's name is Ahmed Khalil. According to international lgbt rights group OutRage! Ahmed, like too […]

Thugs Linked to Government Attack Polish Gay Marchers

From 365gay.com, we find this morning that marchers in a Polish gay tolerance parade (Equality Days) were attacked by youth “counterprotestors” (thugs).  Dozens of the parade's 1,000 marchers were injured.  Media sources indicate that there is a link between this particular group of thugs and Polish President Lech Kaczynski who has a history of oppressing […]