Lesbian Correspondent Wrests Control of Queer Reporting Back From Upstart Middle Age White Guy

We here at Lesbian Central are pleased that our good friend and all-around groovy middle aged white guy John McIntire wants to expand his repetoire of gay jokes beyond the phrase “butt fuck.”  He now seems hung up on kissing (lesbian kissing, Snickers eatin' men kissing, Ravenstahl's ass kissing …) but that's movement in the right direction.  We hope one day soon he'll be able to get through an entire broadcast without sexualizing lesbians for his own sordid pleasure.  We doubt it, but one can always hope. 🙂

Now for the real homo round up.  Not the City of Pittsburgh Police on a Friday night in Schenley Park homo round up. 

Check out Pam's House Blend on DOMA stances of the assorted Presidential candidates.

Why the statement “I support civil unions” is meaningless

All of this nonsense is why I've been saying that the Dem presidential candidates have an obligation to voters to define what they mean when they toss out “I support civil unions” as a salve to gays. Asking for clarity, commitment and well-thought-out answers on the matter is not flogging the issue. There is a morass of separate-but-unequal legislation being debated and amendments voted on “by the people” right now.

The Vatican wants “conscientious objector” status for Catholics who are anti-choice and anti-gay. 

Meanwhile, the Anglican and Episcopal chuch struggles to find unity in the midst of turmoil over gay and female ordination among other social justice issues. 

Polish President Lech Kaczynski told Ireland that homosexuality will lead to the destruction of the human race.   However, he is willing to refrain from forcing people into therapy as long as they don't promote their orientation.  The Irish were not impressed.

Two lesbians were arrested for a non-violent protest at the Focus on the Family headquarters.  Big Daddy Dobson was not available for comment. 

The US Air Force considered developing a “gay conversion” chemical weapon in the mid-nineties.  Because apparently turning your opponents gay somehow makes them less effective in the battlefield. 

And, finally a shout out to another homo-lovin comedian, Sarah Silverman who was quoted in Out thus:

The people — both the Republicans and the pussy Democrats — that won't stand up for gay rights have made the idea of marriage ugly to me.

Amen, honey.

h/t Good As You


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  • I'm sorry. I support civil unions. Try to persuade me to take a position on “gay marriage”, and it all sounds like static to me.
    If I'm correct, you're hung up on the word, right? Well, call yourselves married. Look down your noses at anyone that won't call you married.
    But I don't see how anyone can claim the right to be respected. Even by state and local governments.
    If you have further issues, take it up with the churches n'at.

  • We've been down this road and it was called “separate but equal.” Didn't work then and won't work now. I'm not a second class citizen and shouldn't have my freedom to civil marriage (and the multitude of civil and legal protections it brings) curtailed simply because of my sexual orientation. Yes, civil marriage. I believe that the First Amendment protects the freedom of each faith community to define marriage their own way. I may disagree, but I don't believe they should be forced to change. Frankly, I don't care if the Catholic or Episcopal churches recognize my marital status. I do care if the IRS and the local hospital and the pension board and my (hypothetical) children's schools recognize my marital status, especially if we cross state lines.
    Civil unions are a step in the right direction, but two-tiered citizenship is not a hallmark of a modern democracy.
    Equality is not some abstract concept; it has real impact on real human lives.

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