Flash the Dyke Salute, Get Free Cupcakes

As we've mentioned, local eatery Dozen Bake Shop has launched an official Lesbian Night on Saturdays.  Your faithful correspondents suggested they take it up a notch by offering a Buy One, Get One Free cupcake deal to lesbians with a special code or something. Owner James emailed us to discuss and that's when we remembered […]

Cattivo and Dozen Bake Shop — Lesbians on the Town

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Saturday night, we finally had a chance to stop by Cattivo for some conversation and dinner with our friends, Emilia and Jessi.  We braved the weather and headed for Lawrenceville where we were early enough to snag a good parking spot.  Cattivo is a fine place for a bar.  It was clean and the service […]

The GLCC Newsletter is Out

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

We received our current issue of the GLCC News this past week after what seems like a long hiatus.  Is it just me or has it been awhile?  Maybe its just me.  I really look forward to this connection with the Community Center.  The professional quality just keeps getting better and I really like that. […]

Pittsburgh LGBT Coffee House Bar Closes

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Just got word from a reader that the Tuscany Cafe, a Southside gay mecca for a decade or so, has unexpectedly closed. He reports that he stopped by per his usual routine on Saturday afternoon and found a note taped to the door thanking patrons for their business and indicating they (the owners) would see them […]

Big Gay Meeting: What Happened?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The Delta Foundation meeting took place on Tuesday evening.  Reports range from 50-150 people in attendance.  Some of the feedback I've heard:  – The Delta Foundation claimed it was the first town hall meeting for Pittsburgh's GLBT community.  Surely, that just cannot be the case.  I know that Voices for a New Tomorrow held similar […]

Live Blogging My Tuesday Afternoon

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

3:15 PM Leave office and drop promotional literature off at several local businesses.  Buy King Cake to share with office on Wednesday.  4:00 PM Arrive at Hoi Polloi.  Artfully distribute promotional literature.  Meet Jessica's other brother.  Realize lack of eating since dinner on Monday so order curried pumpkin soup and grilled cheese sandwich.  4:15 PM […]

L Word Party Sunday Night

Did you know the Firehouse Lounge was lesbian-friendly?  I never thought about it one way or another.  My class president was considering it for our 20th year reunion, but we went another direction.  Maybe that's too bad …anyway, if you want to hang out and watch the L-word, maybe this is an option.  Let me […]

Gab Bonesso Needs New Friends

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Last night, Ledcat and I tottered off to the Brillo Box to see our friend and gal-pal Gabrielle Bonesso's Christmas Comedy Special.  On a school night.  In a room filled with smoke.  And, in spite of Ms. Gab's promises, not a single cookie in sight.  That's how much we love her. Almost the entire lineup of […]

HandMade Arcade: Cool Crafts or Conspicuous Creation?

Ledcat and I rolled into Point Breeze today for the Handmade Arcade which is giant fair of handmade stuff held at Construction Junction. Last year, I enjoyed the event with a few reservations, most notably about my number one bitch — gigunda baby strollers.  This year, the event was spread over two days and we intentionally […]

Queer Youth of Color Event at Chatham

This came via email.  Tuesday, October 30 at Chatham, 7 PM.  For more info:  Phone: 412-365-1100 E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]