L Word Party Sunday Night

Did you know the Firehouse Lounge was lesbian-friendly?  I never thought about it one way or another.  My class president was considering it for our 20th year reunion, but we went another direction.  Maybe that's too bad …anyway, if you want to hang out and watch the L-word, maybe this is an option.  Let me know what it is like. 

h/t to correspondent localmotionpgh


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  • It is nice to see a bar outside the community hosting a lesbian event but my question to you is this. Why are you advertising this but did not advertise the premire party at Images, which is a gay establishment on Jan 6th and hosted by a gay organization to raise money for Pride?

  • Just to be precise, I don't advertise events. I blog about them which is very different. If someone wants to pay me to advertise their event or site, I'm open for discussion; otherwise, I pay the bill for this (not free) site and I pick the content based on my own inner reasons. There's not always a reason why something catches my fancy and something else doesn't. Sometimes it is about the amount of time I have on my hands — I had a pretty full plate when the Images event took place. Sometimes it is about the uniquesness of the event — the queer events list and accompanying calendar (which I *do* promote in my right column) are chock full of good queer stuff to do. L Word parties in general don't interest me because I don't have cable and have only seen one episode in my entire life. A mainstream bar reaching out to the lesbian community with a L Word party caught my attention. Plus, someone sent me the information.
    Probably not the most satisfactory of answers. But if you have something you think is blogworthy, send it to me and I'll see what I can do.

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