Cattivo and Dozen Bake Shop — Lesbians on the Town

Saturday night, we finally had a chance to stop by Cattivo for some conversation and dinner with our friends, Emilia and Jessi.  We braved the weather and headed for Lawrenceville where we were early enough to snag a good parking spot.  Cattivo is a fine place for a bar.  It was clean and the service is really good.  The owner waited on our table and he was friendly and attentive.  The food was great.  I had a chicken gyro with homemade fries which were delish.  Ledcat had the pizza, something she had been craving all week, and she pronounced it excellent (high praise indeed).  Jessi and Emilia shared a strombolli which they enjoyed.  Overall, I'd stop back for a casual bar meal. 

We hung out for a few hours until the smoke got the best of me.  I probably wouldn't go to Cattivo during prime bar hours because even a half dozen smokers were too much, but I'd go back early in the evening to shoot some pool and enjoy those homemade fries. 

When we left, Ledcat and I discovered that the locks on my CRV were frozen.  It was quite cold outside.  A random lesbian whose identity I'll never know (I'll call her Xena) came over and advised me to pour water on the locks.  So I sent Ledcat in to get warm and tromped back up the bar to ask for a cup of water.  The barkeep was nice and understanding  … offered me hot water and told me to come back in if we had any other problems.  Meanwhile, the owner was distributing candy to his regulars. 

The water worked!  I've never had that happen to me before. I'm presuming that all the sloppy rain got into the lock and caused the problem.  However, we were off to our next stop — Lesbian Night at Dozen Bake Shop, also in Lawrenceville.  When we arrived (lock-freeing-water-in hand), there were two occupied tables and no lesbians in sight.  We snagged a couple of chocolate cupcakes made with Stout (yummy) and some hot beverages then sat back to soak up the ambiance.  It is a cute space, the food options are good and there are plenty of tables. 

I chatted up with Shmuell who was staffing Lesbian Night.  He laughed and said that obviously the store had to do more than pronounce Saturday as Lesbian Night to actually have it *be* Lesbian Night.  I pointed out that we had specifically come because of that so it worked, at least to the tune of about $10.00 in revenue.  I assured him we didn't expect him to produce lesbians upon demand. 

Dozen has been open about 6 weeks and business looks good.  If they had a lunch menu, I'd roll down once in awhile and meet Ledcat there (it is like 6 blocks from her office).  However, I can see adding Lesbian Night at Dozen Bake Shop to any dinner evening out in the East End.  A cupcake and a cup of coffee are much less expensive than dessert in any restaurant, plus it is good to support a company that wants to have Lesbian Night. 

My suggestions for Lesbian Night?  Send out a secret code via lesbian email and anyone who comes in with the secret code, gets a 2 cupcakes for the price of 1 (so they'll bring a friend).  Advertise Lesbian Night in the GLCC newsletter (with the BOGO offer for a limited time).  Bring in a lesbian singer songwriter and her faithful listeners will follow, even for just one evening.  Hire lesbians.  I also like to patronize stores that employ my fellow homosexuals. 

All in all, it was a nice evening.  Earlier in the day, I had purchased a few issues of the Buffy: Season Eight graphic novels (apparently, grown ups don't read comic books).  There's a big deal about Buffy hooking up with a woman in the latest issue, but I am forcing myself to read them in order. I'm missing Issue 8.  Anyone have a copy of that?  This is a new fetish for me.  I loved Buffy so Ledcat orchestrated a Buffy holiday for me, bringing in her family and mine to purchase 4 seasons of Buffy on DVD and a whole slew of graphic novels and omnibus issues.  I was in heaven.  However, this was my first visit to Phantom of the Attic and it was a bit like entering a completely foreign cultural setting.  The narrow walkway isn't really what I'd think of as appropriate for a group of customers who tend to sit on their asses reading comic books all day.  Am I stereotyping?  Maybe I'm just peevish because I never appreciate when overly large men continually brush up against my ass as I'm looking at merchandise.  Or perhaps I'm just trying to dissociate because I can see going in there to and buying Wonder Woman comic books, too.  And maybe the Runaways.  Plus, there's Batman. 

To wrap up, we got into the car without any trouble the second time around and headed for home (and Buffy).  Now I'm up sans an hour of sleep and ready to get rolling.  Our renovations are almost complete so we can start moving the jillion tons of belongings out of the bedroom and actually be able to see the floor again.  Yippee!


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