Save the Date: June 4 – Divas for Diversity

GLENDA has added a unique twist to the Dining for Diversity event/fundraiser…. Buy tickets here I'm intrigued, I must admit. I think GLENDA is wonderful and puts such a positive, everyday face on our community through their volunteer projects.  I've had them staff several events I've coordinated and always had compliments from our guests about […]

Steel City Softball ready to roll

  The Steel City Softball League is gearing up for their 28th season. They are on Facebook  and Twitter @scsl This is a time honored tradition in the region and sounds like a great way to get out, be out and enjoy yourself.  These games are one of those things we always say we are […]

Lambda Foundation — 25 Proud Years!

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I recently interviewed Lambda Foundation Executive Director Anne Bowman about the 25th anniversary of the Foundation.  25 years is quite a milestone in gay history and the well-being of our community foundation is something to be mindful of as we celebrate our way through June.  To purchase tickets for the Joan Rivers event, click here. Thank […]

Four Funny Females – Not So Much

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I have to admit I was disappointed when Ledcat and I rolled out of Slapsticks last night, after catching their “Four Funny Females” show.  It should rightfully have been called “Some Kinda Amusing Ladies, a Gal with Potential and Gab.” Harsh?  Eh. Slapsticks is located on Library road just moments from the intersection with Saw […]

Good-bye, The Vault, Good-bye

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Sad news … Brighton Height's The Vault closed its doors tonight for the final time.  As we've mentioned before, the lesbians love this place.  It had what we deemed a “lesbian friendly man-vibe.”  I've probably been there a dozen times since last July and each was better than the last.  I loved the hummus, the ice […]

The evolution of gay-exclusive spaces: are gay bars on the demise?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I found this article at American Public Media … actually, the teaser ended up in my inbox.  The premise seems to be an exploration of a recent claim by Forbes Magazine that gay bars are among the top ten businesses facing extinction, along with crop dusting and record stores.  Ouch. APM took a look and […]

Update on the Dyke March

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Here's the word from one of the organizers Eli.  [B]asically we want to make this year the best! We are branching out we want all women at the DYKE MARCH! No corporate sponsership! I am working on the route it will be held Downtown Betty Hill will speak cuz shes awesome and a few local […]

Pittsburgh is a great place to be gay

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

In honor of the Primary Pittsburgh Project,  I'd like to take a few inches of this blog to review why I think this is a great place for the LGBTQ/gay/queer community. First, the City of Pittsburgh has codified our civil rights and civil protections.  It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, […]

GLCC merger with Celebrate the Night: Where does this leave transwomen?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

In the most recent GLCC newsletter, the organization announced that Celebrate the Night has become an official committee of the organization.  Celebrate the Night is a variety show that benefits the GLCC. As you may recall, CTN generated a firestorm last year by refusing to audition a transwoman and pronouncing that she was not woman […]

Pittsburgh Blog for Equality

****UPDATE **** A big thanks to all the wonderful members of the Burghosphere who participated in this first ever Pgh Blog for Equality.  We had a few folks join in at the last minute.  Here are the links to the participating posts in no particular order.  Thanks also to those who promoted the event.  this […]