The GLCC Newsletter is Out

We received our current issue of the GLCC News this past week after what seems like a long hiatus.  Is it just me or has it been awhile?  Maybe its just me.  I really look forward to this connection with the Community Center.  The professional quality just keeps getting better and I really like that.

Anyway, the organization is making strides in updating their use of technology with a brand new email list and they have posted some of the articles from the newsletter online here.  Still, I feel compelled to share.

Here's what I find most interesting …

Ben Cook, GLCC Youth Program Coordinator has a nicely done piece about the GLCC's work with youth.  This program is, in my humble opinion, the hallmark of the organization.  Well, maybe second only to the Phone Line.  I think Ben is a great guy and does really good work.  Plus, he actively mentions kids who identify as queer or questioning.  This article also features the “Most Ironic Line” in the whole newsletter.  Tucked on page 3 after a feature on Celebrate the Night with absolutely no mention of any of the controversy surrounding probably THE most controversial gay happening of the entire year, Ben writes:

Unlike most GLCC programs that have careful planning periods leading up to large, publicized events (e.g., OUTrageous Bingo, PrideFest), the Youth Program is a mostly behind-the-scenes weekly commitment by the GLCC to the young people of our community.

Is it just me?  Do you see it?

There's a mention of PUMP's “40 Under 40” which includes Ben!  Go, Ben! 

The GLCC is hiring for two paid positions:  Community Resource & Information Specialist and a Grant Writer. 

Someone named Scott Itano (???) writes a nice piece about finding a LGBT-Friendly Physician.  He gives a shout out to two local practices.  I'm not a fan of one of them, so I'm going to instead give a shout out to my PCP for being so groovy.  I went to her simply because she replaced my former doctor who had left for greener pastures in Sewickley.  She was great — she asked me a ton of LGBT sensitive questions.  Plus, she already knew the main side effects of the meds prescribed to me by other doctors.  Wow.  So if you need a great PCP, drop me a line and I'll give you her name.  Awesome.  Still, Scott's article is quite useful and one of the most neatest things in the newsletter.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have a PCP who is gay friendly and medically reliable.  Awesome.

An old friend, Gary McKillop, focuses on the importance of donations and volunteers to the work of the Community Center.  It is interesting to me, but I'm a professional human servicey type.  I think these “asks” could be more powerful if they included anecdotes or somehow the “voice” of the people served.  I know I was always impressed by *something* if I spent more than 30 minutes in that building … a phone call, a drop in visitor, a listing on the bulletin board, a volunteer's story.  You should do that — go spend some time there and just soak up how important this resource is to the community.

There's write up of the GLCC's strategic planning direction.  I was disappointed that there is no mention of diversity, at least thus far.  I think that's a significant issue in terms of those who hold power and decision-making authority and those who are served (or not served) by those folks.  Still, I know that any mention of diversity raises hackles on certain necks … so keep reading.  Or go read something else. 

There's a new GLBT Corporate Network which is working with local corporations.  Awesome news.  If you have a GLBT group at your workplace, you can hook up with them.  There's only a telephone number contact so email me and I'll send it to you.

If you read this blog, you should be a GLCC News subscriber.  Hopefully, they will be able to move toward an online published edition (with ads!  the ads are great!).  Maybe YOU could volunteer to help them do that.  Or volunteer on the Phone Line.  Or the Youth Group.  Make a donation.  Go for it! 


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  • Sue, I liked your review and hope that it only continues to satisfy your connection with the community. I am also working on getting more stories from people who are touched by the importance of the Center. I am suggesting to the chair and newsletter committee to include a “Youth Corner” to highlight some of the experiences of the youth that meet there whether it is good or bad… thanks for getting the word out. Look for a potential monthly Sunday Cafe meet and greet starting on April 20 – Gary

  • Gary,
    That all sounds good. Let me know more about the meet and greet. I really do enjoy the newsletter.

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