Letter to the Editor: Gays Fit to Lead

Another neighbor weighs in on the issue of equality in the Boy Scouts of America. My three sons and I have been actively involved in Boy Scouting for over 12 years. My eldest son is an Eagle Scout. Scouting has been an incredible experience for my sons, helping them to develop unparalleled leadership skills, a […]

StumbleUpon Responds to Social Media Homophobia Concerns

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the decision of social media sharing site StumbleUpon to assign categories such a “lesbian culture” to the “not safe for work” listing.  As a recap: when you like something & click to share to the site, you are prompted to indicate if the site is safe for work […]

Amazon Kindle Ad Features Gay Married Couple

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

So, does it matter to you when advertisers incorporate LGBTQ identity into their commercials? This new ad for the Amazon Kindle has attracted a bit of attention because …… well, watch: I think it is perfectly fine and it is a sweet little twist on the traditional “guy hitting on married woman” meme. But let’s […]

Top 10 Pgh Events That Should Add a Blogger Preview

You may have noticed that we added a “product review and promotion policies” page. We’ve been asked to do some reviews so we want to make sure everyone is on the same “page”  (ha) before we launch those features. It did get me thinking about various events and activities we’ve been asked to attend or […]

Losing my religion: Part 3

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

(Part 1, Part 2) One thing I probably should have made clearer from the outset: I don’t regard religion or even faith as a prerequisite to living a good live. I’ve met morally upstanding atheists and some really horrible people who also were professed Christians, Jews or Muslims. And I always regarded missionary work as […]

I’ll Stumble For You – More Social Media Homophobia! (Biphobia & Transphobia, Too)

Quite a few folks find my websites n’at via StumbleUpon – great, I think. When you add a page to that site, you insert a few tags, select a category and indicate if its “safe for work” – now I interpret this as meaning 95% of my blog posts are fine with the exception of […]

What’s in a name?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

As a transgender person, I thought I’d chime in on Sue’s post about CBS-TV’s “Mike and Molly.” Maybe you’re wondering why “shemale” is unacceptable. It’s because “shemale” has almost exclusively become associated with pornographic depictions of transwomen. (Go ahead and Google “shemale” if you want to, but most of your results will not be safe […]

CBS “Mike & Molly” Uses Trans Slur on Most Recent Episode

The good news is that CBS is meeting with GLAAD to discuss the latest in their ongoing #fail when it comes to depicting LGBTQ characters on their network shows. The bad news is that its February 2013 and they are still working on this. That latest offense was a trans slur used during Monday’s Valentine’s […]

I Still Want Melissa McCarthy to Play ME in a Movie

In January, I was profiled on a website called 12 questions where I – you guessed it – answered 12 questions about my exciting self. It took me a long, long time to answer the question about what piece of art moved me and edit my bio. A long time. What took me less than […]

“Gay Boys” on Daytime Television

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

On daytime television’s Days of Our Lives, two significant characters – Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis – are gay and in-love. Sadly, Will slept with his ex-girlfriend (and step aunt) Gabi and impregnated her. Like the gay men do. Gabi then started to date Nick Fallon, Will’s cousin and recently released convicted murderer. Nick thought […]