Ask NBC to Renew “The New Normal”

According to Rob Owens in the Post-Gazette, NBC has yet to renew “The New Normal” – a sitcom focusing on a white gay male couple working with a surrogate to have a son.

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Yet, despite a decent ratings start last fall, the show finds itself on the bubble for renewal. This probably has more to do with NBC’s prime-time ratings woes and the extended absence of “The Voice” than it does with the premise of “The New Normal.” (Its lead in, “Go On,” also saw its ratings crater during “The Voice’s” December-March hiatus, though “The New Normal” fared worse.)

So we don’t know yet whether the story of Bryan (Andrew Rannells, “The Book of Mormon”) and David (Justin Bartha, “The Hangover”) will continue beyond tonight’s season finale that features the birth of their son via surrogate Goldie (Georgia King).

Ledcat and I think this is one of the best sitcoms on the air and certainly a refreshing view of the LGBTQ community. Yes, it is focused on two wealthy gay white men. Yes, they tap into stereotypes. Yes, there are no known lesbians in the main cast. Yes, yes, yes.

BUT … this is not Jack McFarland 2.1 – David and Bryan are a clearly loving, committed couple who have each other’s best interests at heart. They are being fleshed out as the season goes by. David may be obsessed with tweet stalking celebrities and designer everything, but he’s also 100% in the corner of his partner. They don’t sashay, they don’t bash, they acknowledge their privilege – their relationship with surrogate Goldie and her extended family have helped them understand their concept of a family.

A 30 minute sitcom can’t be all thing to all people. The New Normal helps us laugh at homophobia and get to know yet another gay couple. David and Bryan aren’t immune to the consequences of living in a homophobic society – even with the buffers of their wealth, racial and gender privilege. It is entertaining, sweet and hopeful little show.

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You can leave a comment with NBC voicing your support for renewing The New Normal.

If you want awesome lesbian characters like Anne on “Go On” to remain on the air (we do!), we need to be vocal in supporting anchor shows like this one.


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