Daytime Television and LGBTQ Stories: How Will General Hospital Approach It?

UPDATE: Bobbie mentioned that Lucas lives in Seattle, hoped he’d settle down with a nice young man and scene cuts to Felix. Booyah!


It is pretty clear that I am both a daytime television fan and a true believe that these shows break ground with LGBTQ characters.

One of the most hotly discussed topics in this genre is the potential LGBTQ storylines. This week I’m focusing on General Hospital on ABC.

Retro GH logo: 75-93
Retro GH logo: 75-93

GH is celebrating its 50th year in production with a big splashy return of the Nurse’s Ball and all of the beloved characters from the 80’s and 90’s –  Laura Webber Spencer, Scott Baldwin, Lucy Coe, Frisco Jones, Felicia Scorpio Jones, Bobbie Spencer Jones, Nikolas Cassadine, Brenda Barrett and Jasper Jacks among others. There have been vampires, Impersonations, kidnappings (multiple), murders, orphans, reunions, pregnancy lies, and lots of glorious soapy intrigue. The big reveal is which of the “big bads” will show up – the Cassadines, Faison or Jerry Jax?

This is the perfect time for General Hospital to unfold/expand their LGBTQ storyline. If you recall, the show had a storyline where Lucas Jones, adopted son of Bobbie Spencer and Tony Jones, came out. Lucas a teenager.Tony was cool and assured his son he loved him, then sadly died in an outbreak at the hospital. Bobbie wasn’t so cool with it, but came around. Then Lucas disappeared and we just learned that Bobbie is living in Seattle – she’s back for the Nurse’s Ball.


Last year, GH introduced Felix DuBois – male student nurse. No coming out story – Felix was out and proud. He has a crush on Milo (mob enforcer/bodyguard) and is best friends with nurse Sabrina. Felix is a bit effeminate, but he’s also smart, cares about his job and has healthy, positive relationships with various people including young Emma Scorpio Drake. He’s a great secondary cast member.

But it is time for General Hospital to have a front-burner LGBTQ storyline. Here are my preferences:

  1. Lucas Jones returns to town as a doctor like his father. He dates Felix. They get married (Port Charles is in New York.) Possible conflicts can be – Felix family objecting, Lucas wanting to get in touch with his biological family (another mob family), medical blunders, adoption, Felix is reluctat to commit. I want to see Lucas have a relationship with big sister Carly and his “cousin” Maxie. 
  2. Morgan Corinthos returns from boarding school to go to Port Charles U. He hides his sexual orientation from his mob boss father (Sonny) and mom (Carly.) Morgan’s sexual orientation is part of his larger identity crisis because he’s the second son in a mob family and was sent away. Morgan is sort of a tortured guy like his Dad so I see him in a series of relationships.
  3. As of yet unknown Quartermaine heir – everyone wants to know. All signs point to Franco’s daughter Lauren but we know nothing about her at all. Now this kid will have a lof baggage because her father is a dead sociopathic rapist kidnapper. But the key to a good LGBTQ story is a tight connection to a legacy family – a young lesbian Quartermaine would certainly be interesting.
  4. Serena Baldwin is around 23-25. Her father is Scott Baldwin (on screen now) and her adopted mother is Lucy Coe. Scott & Lucy have always adored Serena so I can see a sort Sonny Kiriakis coming out – they already know she’s a lesbian so its more of other people learning about it. Now if Scott and Lucy both leave the canvas, there are no Baldwins. Serena may be a step-sister to nuLulu so that could work.
  5. Long shot, but Cameron Webber. Cam is the son of Liz Webber and Xander Smith (deceased.) He is semi-adopted by Lucky Spencer (that’s a bit vague) so Cameron is essentially Luke and Laura’s grandson. He really couldn’t be aged beyond 16 and still believably be Liz’s son, but a teen story could work. There are three other teens on the canvas. Since Cameron and Lucas Jones are cousins, maybe we could skip some of the same coming out tales and get right to the peer stories.
  6. Other MIA characters – Tommy Baldwin, Mike Webber.

    Vintage Lucy in her wedding dress.
    Vintage Lucy in her wedding dress.


As I said, tying an LGBTQ character to a legacy family is the key to success. Felix is a fun character and brings a bit of sass and camp to GH – something we haven’t had since Lucy Coe was  on the canvas. Believe me, he could do worse than emulate Lucy. But there’s no sign of a connection between Felix and the families so it makes sense that he’s the love interest or the mentor.

It is time for General Hospital to freshen up their plots with contemporary characters. Once the 51st year begins and the big stars exit Port Charles, we need relevant storylines. GH needs another doctor. The teen scene is boring right now. And with all these loose ends being addressed – where the heck is Lucas Jones?



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