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What is Fusion Magazine? I’m glaad you asked! (Yes, I know I spelled glaad with 2 a’s). It’s how I roll now! Anyway, back to Fusion. Fusion is Kent State University’s gender and sexual minority magazine. They just celebrated their 10th anniversary and I had the privilege of being one of the guest speakers at the Fusion 10th Anniversary Gala.

Me with my partner, Alicia Burns (Left)
Me with my partner, Alicia Burns (Left)

 I had no idea what to expect at this event and like many of you, I’m assuming, I had never heard of this magazine. Well what a pleasant surprise the night turned out to be. I met some wonderful people and learned about one of Kent State’s most amazing accomplishments, in my opinion.

Fusion magazine was started 10 years ago. It’s purpose? To be a voice for minorities who were and still are ,at times, unable speak out on their own behalf! The world was a much different, and less accepting place 10 years ago. To take on such a risk back then was nothing short of “ballsy”! Throughout the night I just kept thinking, I wish something like this existed when I was in school. Whatfusion8 a difference it would have made!

This magazine dives right into the issues surrounding the LGBT community! It is a little risky at times and challenges all the boundaries set by the hetero community! It brazen and its brilliant! I would encourage every college campus worldwide to follow Kent State’s lead and begin their own “Fusionistic” (I made that word up, I think), magazine.


Publications like this are so important for many reasons:

  • Most importantly, it let’s LGBT students, in a predominantly heterosexual world, feel included and valued.
  • It touches on issues that are important to them that may not be readily available in mainstream media publications.
  • It is available to all students, encouraging acceptance and educating non-LGBT students on the things that matter to their fellow students.
  • Personally, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!


You can check out Fusion Magazine online at www.ohiofusion.com

Or visit their FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/thatgaymagazine

For more information on Kent State University visit their website. http://www.kent.edu/


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