Celebrating Our 19th Anniversary

Today marks 19 years of my favorite supercouple – SueCat. Sue (me) and my now-wife Ledcat (aka Laura) = SueCat.

We are on vacation this week and celebrating this big night with a dinner sunset cruise on Lake Erie. Romantic, no? Except the part of deciding moment by moment if we can out ourselves or not. Can we hold hands? Can we exchange a quick peck? Can we tell the staff about our celebration? Probably no to all of those.

It reminds me of our first date when we were chased across the walking bridge by a group of teenagers at the Waterfront. We had walked down to enjoy the trail, but ended up running back to the main square and sitting around other people. I guess things are not much better in some ways, but infinitiessly better in others.

I love my wife. Being together for 19 years is a big milestone – we have now officially been a family longer than we were children being raised by our parents.

When we married in 2021, Laura asked if she could stop having to keep track of so many anniversaries – first time we met, first date, first kiss, date we moved in together, etc. Nope. We were so long denied so many anniversaries that I claim all of them.

A durable metal, bronze has come to symbolize a long-lasting, resilient marriage. It’s both the traditional and modern theme for the 19th wedding anniversary. Bronze jewelry or bronze kitchenware make for thoughtful (and useful!) anniversary gifts.

We don’t think we have anything made of bronze. Ha.

Here’s to 19 more years of SueCat.

Sue And Laura
Laura and Sue circa September 2005
Sue and Laura 2022


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