#MasQUeUp to protect your family on this 15th Annual #LGBTQFamiliesDay

June is here and that always means it is time to blog about #LGBTQ families in partnership with Mombian blog and the Family Equality Council.

I struggle to find a topic this year, more from having so many options than a surfeit of ideas.So I’m picking this one – our Pittsburgh MasQUe ProjecT.We create opportunities for trans and queer families to access face masks.

And whether nuclear family, biological family, or chosen family, the science is clear – wearing a mask protects your family and protects other families.

So our project finds masks. We accept donations. We buy some masks. And we keep a list of affirming vendors.Our system is simple – we provide 2 masks per person every month. One to wash, one to wear. Extras for the car and your backpack. Replacements when masks are stained or soiled.

Since mid-April, we’ve distributed over 1350 masks.

Another important component is that we specifically center trans and queer identities. This often leaves us explaining that queer is an umbrella term for gay and lesbian identity, lots of teachable moments to help us understand the intricacies of our families.

If you have people in Pennsylvania, encourage them to sign up for masks or otherwise connect with us.

Email PghMasQUeprojecT@gmail.com

Donate via Paypal http::/paypal.me/Pghlesbian

Donate via Cash App $pghlesbian

Donate via Zelle sitnscoop@gmail.com

This is a work in progress so please bear with us as we figure out the logistics.

In a world that feels so out of control, this one action to protect other members of your family can help us find our way forward.If you would like to read our previous years’ contributions to #LGBTQfamiliesDay:

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