New #ThingsToDo: a List from Emmi, Age 9

Total Lists Submitted: 7

Total Amount Raised for Food Pantry: $70.00

This is our new project #ThingsToDo where we invite youth to create and share a list of things to occupy time and cope with boredom. You’ll fine the details at this link. Your young people are welcome to participate. Here’s the cool thing – in addition to creating a central hub of suggestions for all young people, we have donors who have pledged $10 per list for the Northside Community Food Pantry. So each list helps other kids AND helps neighbors counting on the food pantry.

If you or your kids find these lists helpful or useful, please leave a comment.

Name and Age: Emmi, age 9

How to avoid Boredom

During this pandemic you might be bored. There are many ways to avoid boredom. Here are some ways to stop boredom from coming into your house.

1.  Watch your favorite show\ YouTuber. When you are trapped in your house you can sit back and relax by watching the protagonist defeat the antagonist. Or you can watch your favorite YouTuber floss, game, or just talk.

2.  Gaming. Most people love gaming because it’s fun. There is a type of game for everyone. Here are some types: Endless Runner, Shooter, and platformer.

3.  Dancing. Dancing is a fun way to get active. Many people enjoy the Floss, a Fortnight dance. Dancing takes time to learn so start dancing today!

4.  Catch\look at bugs. If you’re not a fan of bugs you might want to skip this one. Bug catching is a fun way to get outside. You will need to run and jump to catch a bug. If you have the right tools you can keep your bug as a pet just make sure you do not harm it. Also if anyone else is there hunting for bugs with you, make sure you’re at least 6 feet away from them.

5.  Play with your pets. This is a great time to hang out with your pets. Since you have no school nothing is stopping you from having a great day with your pet.

6.  Make stress toys. Slime is a fun stress relieving toy that you can easily make at home. You can also make squishy balloons just make sure they don’t pop all over you.

These are some ways to avoid boredom.


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