This is Who We Are in Western Pennsylvania: Antwon Rose & White Supremacy

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John Placek hasn’t lost any time creating billboards about the not guilty verdict in the trial of Michael Rosfeld for the shooting death of then-17-year-old Antwon Rose. It shouldn’t suprise anyone who has been following his trail of racist, White supremacy messaging.

I wouldn’t normally post an image with this word on my blog. But someone has to document how we are failing Black neighbors (including my two nephews) in Western Pennsylvania.



John Placek racist billboards Worthington Borough Armstrong County
The two latest billboards created by John Placek. Source: Facebook


Earlier in the week, Placek took down the image that violated the copyright of the Peanuts Cartoon Syndicate and replaced it with this horrifying gem:

Racist Billboards Armstrong County
“Coal Miners had it worse than Slaves” according to John Placek

This is who we are in Western Pennsylvania. We are a community that lets a murderous cop walk free after killing a 17 year old Black male kid. We are a community that values guns more than Jewish lives. We are a community that has no way to stop this atrocious messaging in Worthington, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. We have a public education system that conflates the oppressive conditions of capitalism with enslavement without any real critical thought.

There is literally nothing legal to be done about this monstrous messaging in Worthington – no pressure point, no leverage, no contract clause, nothing. The only thing that has a hope of working will be local folks organizing and pushing back against the messaging rather than just saying “not our problem.”

Meanwhile, a lot of vulnerable folks who don’t have the luxury or safety of speaking out too much have to deal with this byproduct of our white supremacy culture. John Placek is an ignorant, nasty, and racist man. He knows what he is doing and what and how he can get away with it.

The jurors who set Michael Roseweld free just added fuel to that fire, proving once again that white people can get away with literally murdering Black people.

This is who we are.


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