White Supremacist Billboards in Armstrong County Refreshes Content with Worse Racist Hate

A few days ago, I wrote a post about billboard in Worthington Borough, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. It is an electronic billboard located on the property of the Worthington-West Franklin Volunteer Fire Dept, facing west at the intersection of 422 and Bear Street, which is an intersection with a traffic light. Yes, this hate is helping to fund public safety in Worthington (and West Franklin.) That must be so comforting to the local residents.

Check out my previous post for 11 suggestions on how you can advocate for folks in Worthington who have to endure this nasty messaging. Sources tell me that the VFD is particularly unhappy with the calls and feedback. Click and call, my allies. Clearly, the VFD outreach to the billboard owner is having an impact. Counter hate speech with more speech.
Phone: (724) 297-3473 Fax: (724) 297-5913 and find them on Facebook.

Tonight, one of my local sources sent me snaps of the the very latest images which are even more offensive than the previous ones. He didn’t waste time in targeting the LGBTQ and Black communities about developments in the Jussie Smollett case. Visit my colleague’s blog Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters for a take on that.

These images are beyond awful. I think (hope) the line through the word women is a digital aberation, but it hardly matters given the pure evil, nasty, bitchiness that this racist businessman in Worthington, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania feels is appropriate to display. How long will folks in Worthington allow this to continue?

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  • This is not white supremacist you dolts.. I am a gay man who.supports this along with Trump. You people are.the racist

  • Thank you for the contact information to support this man. I’m so sick of POC and WOC crap! White is a color too. As Christians we are called to not judge anyone by the color of their skin. Y’all have stomped on MLK’s legacy. News flash! A black man held the most powerfully office in the world for 8 years! If you’re feeling suppressed check your heart and then your resume. And what on earth does the color of skin have anything to do with sexual orientation?? I’m praying for you most confused people.

  • What is racist about these ? There you go again. Speech YOU don’t like is hate speech. Go on Twitter and you can find 1000s of racist tweets against whites. Report on these tweets then you might gain a little credibility. #Trump2020 #AmericaFirst #MAGA

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