Can We Find 11 New #AMPLIFY Donors to Celebrate 11 Years on Facebook?

Tuesday, July 19 will mark 11 years since I joined Facebook. This past May, I celebrated 10 years on Twitter. That’s a lot of content created and shared.  In that time, I’ve gone through three laptops, a tablet, and six phones.

I took a closer look at the OP I shared and was (not) surprised that it was about my work on a project – I was getting an early start on winter holiday projects for the children and families in the foster care program where I worked.

You probably remember that back in these days Facebook status updates began automatically with “Sue is …” and we filled in the end of the sentence.

Social media has played one of the most essential roles in lifting up my work – my blog, my projects, and your stories. I’m very grateful for all the ways it helps me connect with you and the wider world. Of course, there are constraints and restrictions and drawbacks. But Facebook in particular is the number one source of traffic to my blog and to the #AMPLIFY posts.

To honor these 11 years, I’m hoping to find 11 new donations to our current crowdfundraiser – we have been selected to receive a 100% match from the Buhl Foundation to organize a hyperlocal outreach effort for AMPLIFY in the Northside neighborhoods.  I guess 11 years after the fact, I’m still trying to use Facebook as a community organizing tool.

Donations are instantly doubled, just as you click the button. They are tax-deductible as permitted. You can find our general donation information here. 

If you appreciate the blog, AMPLIFY, or my general Facebook content, please consider making a donation to help us reach this little goal. We have 55 hours and go …

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