Thank you for 12 years of blogging opportunities

Today, December 29, marks our 12th anniversary (blogiversary?) here at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. 12 is my favorite number for no particular reason, so I’m excited about this. I had originally thought about about having a real time party at our home, but my boggy uterus  dashed that thought.

This blog has been very important to me. Obviously, I like to share my thoughts and opinions with whomever is willing to read them. But I also find the posts that few people read to be valuable. They help me exercise my mind, work out my thoughts, and appreciate the satisfaction of saying something when so many people choose not to do.

I’ve been a witness to so many important moments because of this blog. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and, occasionally, had doors slammed in my face. Both things mean I am disrupting the status quo and that’s usually a good thing, even if I’m in the wrong.

Most blogs last 2-3 years. In my 9th year, I was invited to be a resident artist with Most Wanted Fine Art gallery. In my 11th year, I was voted ‘Best Local Blogger’ by the readers of our local alt-weekly. In my 12th year, I was invited to contribute to PublicSource, an online investigative media site based in Western Pennsylvania.  And each year, the number of peope reading this site content grows exponentially.

Other opportunities await in my 13th year, things that I can’t share right now. <insert foreshadowing music>

Blogging is still relevant. Bloggers are still relevant. I’m still here because there is work to be done. I’m not perfect and I’m learning more about life every day, even at age 47. I’m fortunate to have created opportunities to leverage this blog into a platform for the voices of my neighbors who often go unheard.

There’s really no reason to revisit why I began blogging or why I continue. I already post ’round-ups’ of links that I think stand out among the blog posts. The offer is on the table for anyone who wants to contribute to the blog or join the team.

So, tonight I’ll have dinner with friends and raise my glass to 12 more years.

Right now, let me say thank you. Thank you for reading, for subscribing, and for sharing our content. Thank you for submitting your story to AMPLIFY and for donating to support our work.

Thank you for caring about LGBTQ experiences in this region. And my experiences.

Oh, and since I’ve mentioned this on Facebook – we have published 4,325 posts in 12 years. That’s an average of 30 posts per month. That’s according to WordPress. 


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