CBS Journalist Mocks Sexual Harassment via Tweet, Probably Faces No Consequences

CBS Pittsburgh affiliate KDKA has this guy named Marty Griffin. He hosts a 3 hour morning show on the radio station, alongside a lineup of all male hosts working at the station. He also reports regularly on the television side, including a segment where people ‘Get Marty’ to solve consumer problems.

I don’t like or respect Marty. He’s bombastic, self-aggrandizing, and unprofessional. Locally, we are numb to his horrow shows. Thus, I wasn’t particularly shocked to read that he had posted a cruel, nasty image to Twitter, demeaning sexual harassment survivors. From the Pgh City Paper


I doubt KDKA or CBS will be troubled by this. They unleash Marty for ratings and revenue. Their all-male lineup on the radio is incontrovertible proof that they know their market.

The hosts on KDKA Radio.

My first thought when I saw this meme was dark – I wondered if he used his own children’s toys to create the scene. A Google search convinced me that he didn’t create the image, just added the text. But my original thought isn’t out of the realm of possibility. His kids probably play with these toys. Did he think about that? Or that the toys might belong to someone else’s kids?

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This is what CBS thinks about us, all of us who speak out about harassment and those who don’t. KDKA should fire Marty Griffin for this. They should set a standard that they do not tolerate this conduct. But I doubt that will happen. He’ll probably get more airtime.

I hope local leaders will refuse to appear on his show, especially male Democrats. I hope everyone upset about Daryl Metcalfe and Al Franken will take note. I hope people will contact his sponsors and ask them if they agree with this image.

Here is some coverage on Marty’s awful past

David at 2 Political Junkies

Trish here at PghLesbian

Numerous sources on a 2007 ‘Gotcha’ story outing a closeted gay man who died by suicide

Marty’s stance on separation of church and state

If you want to reach out to KDKA/CBS Pittsburgh, try these options

Phone: 412-575-2591 (Director of Programming)

Email: and

Twitter: @CBSPittsburgh and why not tag CBS as well at

The reign of Marty Griffin will only end when he becomes more of a liability than an asset to the station.


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