Black Trans Woman Candace Towns, 30, is 23rd Victim of Anti-Trans Violence in 2017

30-year-old Candace Towns of Macon, Georgia is the 23rd transgender person lost to anti-trans violence in 2017.

From Monica Roberts at Transgriot:

Towns was staying at the Rodeway Inn on Eisenhower Parkway, was last seen alive Saturday, and was reported missing on Sunday.  At 4 PM EDT Tuesday an anonymous 911 call was received  reporting a person was down at the end of a driveway and was possibly dead.  

That person was our trans sister, and police arrived she was found shot to death on top of a hill on Rosecrest Avenue between  Bright Street and Edgewood Ave. 

Monica reports that Candace had a previous encounter with anti-trans violence in July 2009 when she was shot  in the ankle.

Candace was a native of Macon. Her surviving loved ones include at least one brother and her sister, Jasmin who posted this in honor of Candace. Her family had been desperately searching for her over the weekend. They came for her, but an unknown shooter found her first.

They didn’t have to take you from me like that bestfriend😔…I knew we would have had to depart one day but today I wasn’t ready for you to go..when I seen you today I only just wanted to hold you so that you wouldn’t be alone…but I couldn’t….😢😢…I tried my best to find you …I did …..but I just couldn’t… I couldn’t…

Initial reports misgendered Candace, leaving it to her friends and family to correct the media reporting while processing this terrible news. There are no suspects at this time. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-877-68CRIME (1-877-682-7463)

Rest in power, Candace. You deserved a long life filled with joy and happiness. You deserve to be respected and honored in death.

The list of trans people killed in 2017 thus far. Note that people have different numbers based on different factors. The most important thing that unites us all is that we want the violence to stop. We need to keep asking ‘Where is the outrage?’
  1. Mesha Caldwell – Mississippi (January 4), 41 years old
  2. Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow – Sioux Falls (January 7), 28 years old
  3. JoJo Striker – Toledo, Ohio (February 8), 23 years old
  4. KeKe Collier – Chicago (February 21), 24 years old
  5. Chyna Gibson – New Orleans (February 25), 31 years old
  6. Ciara McElveen – New Orleans (February 27), 26 years old
  7. Jaquarrius Holland (Brown) – Monroe, Louisiana (February 19), 18 years old
  8. Alphonza Watson – Baltimore (March 22), 38 years old
  9. Chay Reed – Miami-Dade (April 19), 28 years old
  10. Brenda Bostick – New York City (April 25), 59 years old
  11. Sherrell Faulkner – Charlotte, NC (May 16), 46 years old
  12. Kenne McFadden – San Antonio (June 6), 27 years old
  13. Josie Berrios – Ithaca, NY (June 13), 28 years old
  14. Ava Le’Ray Barrin – Athens, GA (June 25), 17 years old
  15. Ebony Monroe – Lynchburg, VA (July 2), 28 years old
  16. Tee Tee Dangerfield – Atlanta, GA (July 31), 32 years old
  17. Gwynevere River Song – Waxahachie, TX (August 12), 26 years old
  18. Kiwi Herring – St. Louis (August 22), 30 years old
  19. Kashmire Redd – Gates, NY ( September 4), 28 years old
  20. Derricka Banner – Charlotte, NC (September 12), 26 years old
  21. Ally Steinfeld – Texas County, MO (September 4*), 17 years old – date still to be confirmed
  22. Stephanie Montez – Robstown, TX (October 21), 47 years old
  23. Candace Towns – Macon, GA (October 31), 30 years old

Resources in Western Pennsylvania that can use your donation to support trans women of color and/or offer supports & services to those who need them. This list is not comprehensive. If you are in another region, use Google to find local trans resources. If you are struggling or need support, please reach out.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for each person who reads this post to DO something. Don’t sigh in sympathy and click away. At the very least, like these pages and incorporate more comprehensive trans centered content into your life. I highly recommend you read Transgriot blog regularly. If you can donate a few dollars, do that. If you can attend an event, do that. If you can share the information with your networks, do that. Do all of that. But don’t just click away.


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