Allegheny County Drops Domestic Partner Benefits for LGBTQ Employees

In a very dismaying turn of events, Rich Fitzgerald’s County Administration has opted to drop domestic partner benefits less than two years after first extending them.

The county’s benefit policy is being adjusted in response to the marriage ruling, county spokeswoman Amie Downs said in an email.

“As a result of the Court’s recent decision which allows same-sex couples to marry, and in order to ensure that all employees are being treated equally and fairly, the benefits provided to same-sex couples will no longer be available without proof of marriage,” she said.

Employees who currently receive those benefits will have until July 31 to present the county with a marriage license. Benefits will terminate Aug. 1 for those without proof of marriage.

One month. You have one month to make a decision about marriage.

Never mind that if your partner works in Westmoreland, Washington, Butler, Beaver or other counties, marriage could mean they lose their job.

Never mind that if you marry you might lose your family, friends, faith community and more because Southwestern PA is sinking into a moray of Republican social conservative values.

Never mind that groups like Repent Amarillo have targeted Western PA.

Never mind that a reporter with a major local news outlet was called a dyke and had her car slammed twice this weekend in Downtown Pittsburgh (but the police were handling the Luke Wilson concert so no one responded) by a total stranger.

It is fine to require us to out ourselves and get married to access health insurance.

For God’s sake, never mind that it is the middle of the summer and hard to find a caterer, venue or florist in 30 days.

Allegheny County
Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald

No wonder Daryl Metcalfe gets away with his miserable evil – Democrats are the first to betray us at the drop of a hat.

I don’t even have words to describe how much I detest Allegheny County right now. And I have absolutely no confidence that the City of Pittsburgh will do better. It is almost like this is intended to spite us for pushing for marriage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as if we took a vote before the ACLU filed suit.

This breaks my heart. I sat and broke bread with Fitzgerald after the non-discrimination ordinance passed. I thought he really was on our side. I did not anticipate this.

Mr. Fitzgerald, why are you forcing us to out ourselves and expose ourselves to discrimination? Why aren’t you standing with us against that discrimination? Have you no heart for the lived experiences of your LGBTQ employees?

Have you no heart?


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