Update from Cleveland – Rally for Cemia Acoff

Poster at the rally to demand justice for Ce Ce Acoff.
Poster at the rally to demand justice for Ce Ce Acoff.

I am simply horrified to report that the Cleveland Plains Dealer has yet to eliminate the transphobic and hateful content in their reporting on the murder of 20 year old Cemia Acoff (also known as Ce Ce Dove.)  It is simply unbelievable, but it is important to take note of this degree of institutionalized hate.

Monica Roberts has another summary of what continues to be inaccurate, unfair and biased “hate reporting” by this media outlet.

And you think we didn’t notice you:

* Still have those jacked up titles for both articles
* Still kept the mugshots in both articles
* Still refuse to excise the criminal record that is not germane to the story
* Still are refusing to refer to Cemia as she, with female pronouns or as a transgender female.
* Still refuse to use her chosen name as part of the AP Stylebook guidelines you claim to have followed. 

Because words matter, my friends. Images matter. Ignoring the LGBTQ community’s request to provide fair & accurate coverage on a horrible crime to our sister matters.

Meanwhile, supporters gathered in Cleveland yesterday (Weds) to honor her life and demand dignity and justice for her death. City Hall flew the transgender pride flag in honor of Ce Ce.

You can see photos of the rally here And here and here  and here

And the NBC affiliate – Channel 3 WKYC – seems to have provided the best coverage of the rally


Sadly the unprofessional journalism continues. Channel 19 Action News describes Cemia as a male  while covering the rally by her community around that very issue. Sigh.



Victims of hate crimes based on gender identity (as well as sexual orientation) are not covered by hate crime funds so TransOhio is accepting donations to pay for her burial as well as support Cemia’s family. Click on the logo to make a donation through Paypal.


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