“Sodom and Gomorrah in Your Face” and Other Stupid Things Haters Say

We love letters to the editor and Pittsburgh has been unusually prolific of late.  Pittsburgh-Post-Gazette-Logo

Over at the Post-Gazette website you’ll find this dialogue unfolding, replete with LOTS of comments.

Daniel J. Robinson of West Deer goes to bat for the Bible trumping the Constitution. He also seems to have missed a year or so of civics class in high school AND have a direct connection to “the Creator.” He ends by warning heterosexual Pittsburghers that having LGBTQ neighbors is akin to “Sodom and Gomorrah in your face” which is a terrific (and hateful) twist on the classic insult of 9 year olds everywhere.

This is by far the best response –


Jim Abraham of Squirrel Hill took up the challenge – “C’mon, buddy. Really?” And this led to a back and forth on various Biblical/Torah rules/laws/interpretations and the usual fodder for claiming something like “shrimp is okay, but not gay marriage” – in other words, nonsensical dipping into religious context. But even though Jim says he doesn’t have a dog in the horse over gay marriage – I think he has a dog in the horse over religious beliefs defining civil rights?

Then someone who actually does have some expertise on what “the Bible says” – Reverent Janet Edwards – proceeds to succinctly explain how that doesn’t impact what the Constitution says (or the US Government.)  And she sums it up in a manner that is very comforting to my family.

You should be so blessed, Mr. Robinson, to have a same-sex couple as your neighbor. I say this because that couple has made a life together without any of the privileges other couples receive with the marriage certificate. They have to work at it in ways we cannot imagine.

But the fact is there’s a good chance you actually have a gay couple in your neighborhood. I encourage you to get to know them. You’ll be blessed, I trust.

This led to a back and forth about the Biblical view on selling wine in a grocery store, claims that medical power of attorney is practically the same thing as marriage, and that AIDS was caused by free love. Oh, and someone mentioned a dog (of course.)

Really? Yes, and this is okay with me because the rational and the allied far outnumber the haters. The Post-Gazette just recently opened comments on LGBTQ posts so this is a good way to remind everyone that love does win the day. And reason and decency shall prevail.

Thank you to everyone who took time to weigh in on this matter. Now I’m going to visit the Trib website.



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