Remember Her Name: Ka’Sandra Wade January 12, 2013

Bloggers, podcasters and social media users around the nation have devoted some portion of their Saturday to remember the name of Ka’Sandra Wade who lost her life at the hands of her ex.

A list of participating blogs and podcasts. These are being listed in the order in which they are submitted. Please visit and leave a comment supporting their participation. You can submit your link, blog name and email via pghwomen at gmail dot com. 


Losing Sight of the Shore –  BECAUSE Ka’Sandra Wade can not.

2 Political Junkies (Maria) – Remembering Ka’Sandra Wade

2 Political Junkies (Maria) – One More Thing

Queen in Heels – Remember Her Name: Ka’Sandra Wade

the betty and boo chronicles – Remember Her Name: Ka’Sandra Wade

lil’ burghers – Her Name Was Ka’Sandra Wade #RememberHerName

Wonder Women Wanderings – In Honor of Kasandra Wade


Truality Radio – Host Ezra is an old friend of Ka’Sandra and saw her one week before her death. He describes that last encounter.

My name is Leslie Smith.  I’m known by most as Ezra.  I’m a spoken word artist and actor from Pittsburgh, Pa.  I’m so saddened by the lost of Ka’Sandra.  I called her “Pink”.  I met her in 2000 while attending the Pittsburgh Job Corps Center with her.  We both were in the college program.  We dated briefly, but remained friends.  I ran into her every once in a while and we would just say hello to one another and keep it going.  I saw her about a week and a half before her murder in East Liberty standing in front of a building.  We said our usual hellos and I kept walking.  But, then, something told me to stop, turn around, and chat with her for a little bit.  So, I turned around and asked her how she’s been.  I knew that Pink had gone through some rough times in her life from past discussions and I was hoping she was in a good place now.  She said she was about to start working full time at ACTION United and was about to start attending Devry University to receive her bachelor’s degree. Ka’Sandra sounded so proud of her accomplishments. There was a gentleman standing outside with her and I wasn’t sure if he was her boyfriend.  I asked if he was and he said no and they both laughed.  I told them I was just making sure I wasn’t disrespecting anybody.  I said, “Well, good for you.  Keep it up.”  She said thanks and I went on my way.  I left thinking to myself, “Well, there’s a job corps success story”, smiling to myself.  I was so happy for her.  She had overcame and accomplished a lot.  I still can’t believe she’s gone.


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Other Mentions

Melissa McEwen at Shakesville included the vigil in her weekly lists of must-read posts.


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