Local Opinions on All Things LGBTQ in the Tribune Review

It has been awhile since we posted opinions from local “Letters to the Editor” sections …

The Tribune-Review has been hopping with a back and forth discussion about marriage equality. TribLogo

First, Rudy published some sort of anti-gay screed which I can’t find online. But then Jim Harger of New Kensington responds by pointing out that the Constitution is not based on the Old Testament.

Aren‘t homosexuals American citizens too and entitled to equal protection under the law? In the same vein, whatever happened to, “Judge not lest you be judged”?

People who place themselves upon the pedestal of unforgiving, moral principles need to take a deep breath, quit playing God and lighten up just a little.

Really. Isn‘t that the Christian thing to do?

(Apparently, Dana Rise Dinsmore also of New Ken threatened to sic her Doberman on atheists. Like Jesus would do. But I digress.)

Melissa Charlton of Arnold wrote a lovely letter of support to the LGBTQ community (and nailed a few key points.

Mr. Gagliardi‘s statements that allowing gay marriage is like allowing a “young lady to get a license to marry her horse or an elderly gentleman to marry his dog” are ridiculous and so degrading to gays.

Where is the compassion and empathy for our gay population? They serve in our military and do the same jobs everyone does. Why do people have to make those kind of homophobic remarks?

Why indeed?

Mark Sarver of Harrison responded to HER letter, chastising her for legitimizing pedophilia. Or something (it is a pretty awful letter – I’m posting it to be honest so people will see this when they Google – they need to know this is out there. It is real.)

Yes, gays have been mocked, but so have blacks, Jews, Christians, obese people, Poles — just about everyone.

Pedophiles want the same rights as gays. The North American Man-Boy Love Association demands the persecution end.

Bestiality is more common than people think. Will the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals someday demand the right to have sex with animals?

Ms. Charlton said comparing gays and bestialists is degrading to gays, but both are born that way.

A true libertarian must realize that responsibility, morals and God need to be included with liberty. Sin is not liberty; it‘s slavery.

Shannon Britton from New Kensington responded to the original letter by simply pointing out that she didn’t chose to be LGBTQ, her parents were a happy typical heterosexual couple and lots of heterosexual couples cannot have children “the old-fashioned way.”

Bryan J. Heyl of Arnold wrote to the Tribune Review in support of the original letter and Britton.

The dialogue ends (for now) with a charming rebuttal from Michael Surma of Lower Burrell.

During this time, I met and became friends with some intelligent, caring and tolerant people I greatly admire. Yes, they are gay. Everyone knows someone who is gay — it could be a doctor, nurse or football player. Ask him if being gay made it easier to obtain his goals. I doubt he‘ll say it did

Surma also aptly describes the difference between a lifestyle/preference and sexual orientation and gender identity.
So that’s five letters in support of LGBTQ people and or marriage equality, 1 letter (unseen) apparently opposed to at least marriage and 1 letter from a hate mongering homophobe. Plus, the Doberman who presumably would be okay with Christian LGBTQ folks.

I must say that the Trib readers are a chatty lot and that’s terrific. The perception that they are all anti-gay is clearly inaccurate at best. Keep up the good work!


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