60 Minutes "Something" before birth determines sexual orientation

Sunday evening's edition of 60 Minutes included Lesley Stah's report “The Science of Sexual Orientation”  in which she explores recent research into sexual orientation. 

Today, scientists are looking at genes, environment, brain structure and hormones. There is one area of consensus: that homosexuality involves more than just sexual behavior; it’s physiological.

The show interviewed two sets of male twins to explore issues of nuture vs nature. While overall the piece is interesting, I was somewhat disturbed by how close Stahl danced to the line of stereotyping, such as when she tried to identify gay mannerisms in an attempt to understand how gay men are “feminized” physiologically. 

I was also somewhat disappointed that Stahl neglected to clarify sexual orientation from gender identity.  One of the younger male twins is very “girly” and clearly said he is like a girl, even that he thought he was a girl in the womb but became a boy b/c his mother preferred boys. 

Lesley, wanting to be a girl is not the same thing as being gay. 

Other nuggets …

* Sexual orientation may be more closely connected with hormones than genetics.

* The more older brothers a man has, the greater his chance of being gay.

* Well, only for man who are right handed.





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