A Positive Step in the Right Direction

Some good news to share – as of about 2:30 PM, OpenDNS changed the labels for my site. They “rejected” pornography and nudity and “approved” blog. Last night, I was able to reach the CEO of the company thanks to a petition supporter and he was responsive. I’m grateful for that and appreciate that a major hurdle has been overcome.

But I’m a little disappointed at how people are claiming “victory” without even talking to me. Remember, there are some serious “loose threads” that need to be addressed.

1. The City needs to explain the convoluted time frame/reasoning around this scenario.

It is really just dumb luck that the man with the CEO’s email address happened to find the petition and reach out to me. The “process” that’s in place both with OpenDNS and the City of Pittsburgh are ineffective and potentially discriminatory.

2. The City needs to explain why the Acting Director of CIS stated (in writing) that she did not have whitelisting authority with OpenDNS. That is not true which is concerning. That’s a pretty basic CIS concept.

The City can’t assure anyone that they have a handle on this without a written policy and a competent team in the CIS department. That’s Good Goverment 101. Fortunately, City Councilors Natalia Rudiak and Bill Peduto see that and I am confident that Rudiak will follow through as she oversees these matters.

There are much larger issues at play with regard to people voting on access to content. That’s in the hands of the ACLU now and they are definitely involved in web filtering cases.

More to come soon … I hope!


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