Proud to Endorse Democrat Michael Lamb for Allegheny County Executive

Endorse Michael Lamb

If you know me or you’ve been reading my blog regularly for the past 18 years, this will not surprise you. It was in 2007 that I first mentioned the appeal of Michael Lamb in this role. I do not always endorse. Please read on. My blog’s history with Mike Lamb goes back to the […]

ANOTHER Update on Campaign Q&A’s for 2023 Primary Election – Now With More Updates!

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Our previous update was in late February 2023. We’ve now published a total of 22 completed Q&As. In total, we connected with 32 candidates. Of those remaining, 1 has withdrawn, 1 won their special election, leaving 8 to get back to us. Of course, we are still willing to create Q&A’s for other candidates in […]

Q&A with Michael Lamb, Candidate for Allegheny County Chief Executive

To date, Mike Lamb is the first and only candidate for County Chief Executive to respond to this Q&A. Others have requested, but not returned a completed Q&A yet. Make of that what you will. Housing is the most basic of human needs and rights. Affordable housing needs to be a priority for our next […]

Gertrude Stein Club Endorsements

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Good, LGBTQ positive information for the May primary. The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh supports the following candidates for the May 17, 2011, primary:   PA Commonwealth Court Barbara Ernsberger County Executive Rich Fitzgerald (D) County Controller Valerie McDonald Roberts (D) Allegheny Co. Council district 7 Nicholas Futules (D) Allegheny Co. Council district […]

County Chief Executive Possibilities

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Michael Lamb Rich Fitzgerald Mark Flaherty I’m not sure we can go too wrong with any of these candidates for Allegheny County Chief Executive.  I see domestic partner benefits on the horizon for Allegheny County employees (we are thiiiiiis close) which will pretty much seal the deal in terms of our region being a true […]

Quick update on Onorato …

Today, I was unsuccessful in getting the Onorato campaign or executive office to provide follow up information to the reports of a commission to provide domestic partner benefits to Allegheny County.  One gay supporter confirmed the existance of the commission, but could not name its members.  So I’ve tried another round of contacts with the […]

The Big Queer Endorsement: Shifting Alliances

So, heck yeah, I’m still a little sore.  Thanks for asking. I actually did pretty well until my last trip down the narrow flight of stairs at work.  Thankfully, my wrists and fingers are fine so I can blog away. How about someone saw my Twitter updates about the Steel City Dems endorsement meeting and asked […]


Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

It has been a tumultuous week here at Lesbian Central.  Backstage drama, frontpage drama, workplace drama and I think I burned the back of my throat swallowing thai tea to be polite while waiting for my takeout.  The ordinance is losing steam, my friends.  We lost another co-sponsor, Bob Macy from my hometown area of […]

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Launches LGBT Advisory Council Amidst Unanswered Questions

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

FURTHER UPDATE:  If you wonder why campaign contributions matter, check out this PG article on the connection between contributions and City contracts.  Transparency, my friends.  Michael Lamb gets transparency. ************************************************************************************ UPDATE:  In response to some community outrage (after 10 minutes), let me be clear that I am not suggesting any specific improprieties on the part […]

Highlights of My Pride

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The Dyke March.  Was. Awesome.  I was very impressed with how well the ladies pulled off a switch from Oakland to the Downtown area.  From our vantage, the event was smooth and made quite an impact on the multitude of downtowners watching us march past.  I think the switch was good and added more visibility […]