Proud to Endorse Democrat Michael Lamb for Allegheny County Executive

If you know me or you’ve been reading my blog regularly for the past 18 years, this will not surprise you. It was in 2007 that I first mentioned the appeal of Michael Lamb in this role. I do not always endorse. Please read on.

My blog’s history with Mike Lamb goes back to the very earliest of days in the mid-2000’s. He showed up. He always answered my questions or has replied to my email. In May 2007, I predicted he might one day be County Chief Excecutive. Who knew? But as I scroll through my blog history and my email archive, his name pops up repeatedly – showing up, answering questions, offering suggestions, listening. I assumed he would be part of the progressive white cishet politicians ushering in a better way to lead the city, region, and state. I don’t know why I made that assumption. As I read through his Q&A, I see the issues that are important to me – the Warden has to go, the ACE should show up at meetings, green fleets, affordable housing and this

I always knew that the main role of the county executive was to propel our region forward economically. But how I thought about economic development then and now is different from how most think of it. To me, to truly develop a region, we’ve got to invest in our people first and foremost.

Michael has been getting things done in an array of positions for a long time, not stagnating in place for 20+ years and not coasting on familiarity. He’s smart, experienced, and walks the fine line of a modern progressive candidate. He reads and responds to his email. That seems like such a simple thing, but it is so rare – it really stands out. For 18 years, he’s been responsive to me even when I was just a very very new little blogger. It tells me that he or someone on his team is reading their professional email and responding in a timely manner. For 18 years. I don’t think anyone else in public office can say that. When he’s had to adjust deadlines, he lets me know. He’s organized and understands that transparency and accountability include communication. Such a small thing, but so telling about competency.

This is an executive role and it requires organization, transparency, communication, and other skills. It isn’t just about policy or identity or politics as usual. We need to move forward as a region, we need governance and leadership that keeps up with the community values and has the tools to hit the ground running.

I urge you to vote for Michael Lamb. He’s the most qualified candidate for Allegheny County Executive.

This endorsement reflects Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents blog and my personal endorsement. It is not reflective of any other organization or entity with which I am affiliated.

If you are curious why I decided to make a public endorsement, I am concerned that our unease over choosing between two good progressives will create a path for a decidedly regressive person who has failed at his one main task in the office he has held for 20+ years (failure to keep the County pension solvent.) I put a lot of time and energy into this endorsement -a lot of thought. I am choosing to cast my lot in with the Lamb campaign as the best choice for LGBTQIA+ folx and I’m willing to say that publicly. I really hope you will hear me.

The truth is, we have to pick the best candidate now because we don’t have the luxury of of hoping vote splitting won’t derail the race. We don’t have the option to use ranked ballots. We can’t navel gaze and ignore the very real flaws of any candidate. That will not help my family or yours.

I want the Allegheny County Michael Lamb describes in his Q&A with this blog for my family and yours.

Confirm your poll location and voter information here.

Endorse Michael Lamb


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  • Lamb’s attack ads on Sara, claiming that she’s voted on “no bills” in the past four years, while she’s been fighting Harrisburg republicans, are uncalled for. Cheap politician tricks don’t get my vote.

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