County Chief Executive Possibilities

Michael Lamb

Rich Fitzgerald

Mark Flaherty

I’m not sure we can go too wrong with any of these candidates for Allegheny County Chief Executive.  I see domestic partner benefits on the horizon for Allegheny County employees (we are thiiiiiis close) which will pretty much seal the deal in terms of our region being a true leader with regard to equality. 

This is more important than ever when a local elected state official wants to write discrimination into the Commonwealth constitution.  We need to rally local Democrats in the House to stand up to this hate and insist they focus on our economy, healthcare, environment and so forth.  A strong ally in this office will prove valuable in this regard.

There is also the inevitable march of non-discrimination ordinances through Pennsylvania’s municipalities.  Allegheny County’s LGBTQ community needs to shore up our base so we can assist our sisters and brothers in Washington, Westmoreland, Butler, Beaver, Armstrong, Greene, Fayette and so forth.  It is their turn so we owe it to them to elect a County leader who will lead on our behalf.

Some day, we’ll seat more LGBTQ folks at the tables, alongside our champion Bruce Kraus.  For now, we must insist that the women and men we do elect represent our community in their roles. 


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  • Mark is real. He won't pander to the party or popular opinion like Fritzgerald. He is a guy that simply won't support a policy that is discriminatory against anyone. He supports domestic partnerships and understands that there are significant economic benefits involved. Support the movement!

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