The Water Bowl

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Daily Prompt: Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away. (We’ll let you interpret this in different ways…) There’s a noise that drives me absolutely insane, right up the wall on the aggravation scale. And my abiding fear is that one day – possibly soon – it will go away. […]

Cat Redux

Well, that should read reduction. We aren’t reducing the number of cats, just their weights. We have three overweight cats who are now on a diet. And unhappy about it. We had to strategically balance the senior cats need to access food on demand with the dreaded removal of dry food. So we determined that […]

Pinning Queerly – Me and My Pinterest Boards

When I joined Pinterest, I started a set of boards for my work projects and a set for my personal life. Unfortunately (???) I defaulted to work pins because it was easier. I have to take the effort to log out and back in to post to my PghLesbian boards so I rarely do it.  […]

Saturday Random Cat Stuff …

I found a great post with instructions on how to build your own cat climbing tree. I would love to attempt this because our cats have decimated our little tree. And hampers. And baskets. And a chair … and …   Cats and lesbians are a well-known match. We have several cats. Two came with Ledcat. […]