We Seized Day 184: a saga of Stefano DiMera and Spencer Cassadine

It had been a typical Wednesday. Laura was working at the kitchen table while I focused on the Pittsburgh MasQUe ProjecT from the sofa.

I went upstairs to prepare for my tele-health therapy session. Afterwards, I took a nap. Foster kittens Stefano DiMera and Spencer Cassadine were in the bedroom with me. Stefano slept near my feet.

I woke startled because the bed was moving and I heard something. That would be Stefano having a seizure. On our bed. The same place Ana had her seizures two weeks ago.

I instantly grabbed him to prevent him from falling on the floor while hollering for Laura.

His seizure lasted 90-120 seconds. He peed all over the bed. We were both flashing back to Ana, but still focused on him.

After the seizure ended, Laura cleaned up Stefano and I sent a message to the foster organization vet tech team.

We were instructed to medicate him until he can be seen. Fortunately, we had the meds on hand. So he’s now drowsily stretched out and Spencer is guarding him.

I’m still a little shaken. There’s a world of difference between a 14 year old dog and a 10 month old kitten, but this has been eerie. Here’s hoping we can get answers.

Poor little guy.

Spencer on the left, Stefano on the right.


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